"Get them filling potholes too": Your reaction to youth offenders keeping Lancashire’s roads clear

Teams of volunteer snow wardens could be set up across Lancashire in order to keep the county’s more minor routes passable during the worst of the winter weather - and they might be helped by young offenders.

Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 10:24 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, 11:28 am
Minor routes in Lancashire could be treated by volunteers, while gritting wagons stick to the main road

The proposal, which is unlikely to take effect until winter 2019/20, could see youth offenders spreading grit on the roads and clearing snow as part of their community payback.

The idea was one of a series of recommendations made by a task group of councillors exploring how Lancashire’s secondary routes can be kept safe when hit by severe weather events like last year’s so-called “Beast from the East”.

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Youth offenders could be deployed to keep Lancashire's roads clear in winter

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Minor routes in Lancashire could be treated by volunteers, while gritting wagons stick to the main road

We asked for your opinions and here are a selection of your views from our Facebook page.

Will not happen, too many do-gooders. And end up costing more than it’s worth. Health and safety will step in and will require all the clothing plus training.

Brian Jackson

They tried this in Accrington where it really snows bad and some do-gooder had it stopped on heath and safety just in case one of them hurt themselves.

Gill Howard

Agree on this. A bit of hard labour won’t do them any harm.

Mark Knowles

Is that not degrading for the hard-working, honest employees already doing that job?

Steve Rostron

It happens in the USA. Hard labour not a cushy cell.

Ken P Richardson

Put them to work and be of some use to us honest, law-abiding people.

Stephen Ramsden

All able-bodied benefit claimants should do community work for their handouts.

Billy Whizz

They are all frightened of doing hard work so this must be the answer.

Sally Taylor

It happens in Glasgow for Community Service.

Dave Magauley

Think it’s a good idea.

Janey Branston

Send ‘em out with a wheelbarrow and shovel.

Steven Wheatland

Should not take away work from paid employees.

Bill Cavanagh

Get them filling pot holes as well.

Colin Browne

Idea is there but it costs more in supervising the jobs and the job needs to be done right it’s not just throw a bit of salt here and there.

Ron Umberto

Brilliant idea!

Michelle Chadwick

They should be litter picking as well.

Rene Dutton

Great idea, add sweeping up leaves and sorting recycling too.

Andrea Whitehouse

Can you imagine the kick-off they would create if they had to work for free? It’s a great idea & maybe just what some of our wanna-be gansters need!

Nic Lou Newsham