Fund raising to help keep Rocket Ron DJ-ing

Logan Wrennall
Logan Wrennall
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A heart-touching campaign to provide a DJ ‘studio’ for a 14-year-old disabled boy has Rocketed.

Music-loving Logan Wrennall’s world collapsed when the youngster had to give up his only little hobby from his bedroom.

DJ-ing under the name Rocket Ron – and running ‘Leyland FM’ – Logan, who has cerebral palsy, was barred from broadcasting on Facebook Live.

But now friends and family have come together through a fund raising campaign to get a shed built at the bottom of Logan’s Leyland home from

where he can operate.

Logan’s mum Bridget Wrennall, 40, of Dorothy Avenue, Leyland, explained: “Logan wants to be a DJ. He just goes on Facebook Live and pretends he has a radio station in his bedroom for anyone that wants to listen. People can text him and he shouts out their names.”

But one day he came downstairs upset.

“He was in floods of tears. Someone had reported him and Facebook took him off for two days to investigate it.”

Immediately a caring community sprang into action after hearing Logan’s radio station had been closed.

Bridget continued: “Within an hour a friend of mine had set up a JustGiving page. Logan wants a shed in the garden. I told him you’ll have your radio station if it kills me.”

A fundraiser will take place at Leyland and Farington Social Club on March 3.

The family have been inundated with offers of raffle prizes – including one from Preston North End, Logan’s team.

Bridget, a florist with Forget Me Not Flowers in Leyland, said Logan had got the DJ bug from his dad Geoffrey who used to be a DJ.

“Logan does little sketch shows and talks to people on Facebook,” she said.

“A lot of his friends are disabled and there’s nowhere for them to go,” she said. “Now we’re trying to raise £2,000 for a bigger shed, so we can run like a mini youth club with a dart board and pool table.

“Logan has nowhere to go. All his friends feel the same.”

Logan, who attends Sir Tom Finney High School, Preston, lives with his mum and dad Geoffrey, 39, brother Ethan, 18 and sisters Bridie, 16, and Eve, 12.

Donations received so far include the concrete base for the shed and £500 a year radio licence fee from a family member who runs a building business.

A committee of Bridget’s friends has been set up to co-ordinate the campaign and help manage the money coming in.

It is hoped work can start in April for a May launch.

Bridget said: “We call him DJ Rocket Ron. He said he can’t believe people are doing this for him.

“Logan died when he was born and he had to be brought back to life.

“He means the world to us - but we can’t believe how much he means to everybody else. It’s so humbling. He’s broken our hearts.”