Full-to-brim bins cause a stink for dog walkers

Dog lovers Joanne and Jackie Fulham with Debbie Gabbott and the overflowing bins in Haslam Park
Dog lovers Joanne and Jackie Fulham with Debbie Gabbott and the overflowing bins in Haslam Park
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Dog walkers at a Preston park have cried foul play over overflowing waste bins.

People who bring their pets to Haslam Park claim the dog mess bins have not been emptied Christmas.

The problem has got so bad that some pet owners are now dumping their waste on the ground, at the top of Bexhill Road, Ingol. Ordinary litter bins were also overflowing.

It comes a few weeks after one man was hit with a £50 fixed penalty notice by a warden for allegedly letting his dog foul in the park, which he denied.

Debbie Gabbott, 43, who runs a grooming parlour regularly walks her five dogs on the park, said: “I go on the park every day and most people I know always pick up after their dogs.

“But the bin where I put the waste has been overflowing since Christmas. Bags have just been thrown round it now because no-one has emptied it but people are getting in trouble for not picking up their dog’s mess. It looks terrible..”

Residents in Ingol and Tanterton had raised concerns about overflowing bins and dog mess being dumped in bags near the bridges on Bexhill Road at a PACT policing meeting last year.

Ingol Coun Bill Shannon said: “It’s an issue. What we keep saying to people is you can place mess in any litter bin if you can’t find a special dedicated bin.”

A spokesman for British Waterways, which owns the land, said: “British Waterways contractors regularly empty the dog waste bins on a weekly basis on the Lancaster Canal. Due to the recent bad weather our contractors were unable to do this before the Christmas break.

British Waterways apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Preston Council voted for new dog control orders last year, making it easier to fine people who fail to pick up their dog’s mess.