Forecasters warn of a soggy week for Preston

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The county is facing a soggy week after one of the warmest starts to autumn in years.

Forecasters expect downpours over Preston this week, but say it is too early to predict a stormy winter.

Met Office experts said a band of rain would move in on Monday evening, with showers and blustery weather overnight.

Tuesday is expected to be grey and overcast, with showers overnight, and temperatures around 11 to 12 degrees.

Spokesman Laura Young said: “Friday is probably going to be the worst day - wet all day and windy, but not gusting more than 30mph.

“This week is a relatively standard autumnal week, but we have been lucky for the last eight weeks.

“What we are looking at this week is classic autumnal, with a bit of heavy rain but some dry periods and some sunshine.”