Footballer needed stitches to face injury

Injury: Gary Fawcett
Injury: Gary Fawcett
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Football captain Gary Fawcett was left with a horrific injury after his cheek was ripped apart - by a boot stud.

Gary, 30, was attempting to stand after a tackle when another player ‘ran over’ his face.

He suffered a 6cm-long gash which cut down to his jaw bone and needed 13 internal and 17 external stitches.

Gary, an agricultural fitter, said: “The blade caught me on the chin and just sliced down. It wasn’t too painful at the time.

“When you’re playing football you blood is pumping and the adrenaline is going.

“I ran into the changing room straight away though - I knew something was up. My friend drove me back to Preston so I could be closer to home. In the car it really started hurting. Blood was pouring out. We had a gauze from the medical kit which I was using to hold it together.”

The incident happened on Saturday as Gary captained Garstang FC, who were playing Eagley in Bolton. He was playing in the amateur West Lancashire Football League, with his team currently sitting seventh out of 16 teams.

Gary, of Preston, had scored one goal and assisted another when he was struck down 40 minutes into the match.

After being taken off the pitch he was rushed to Royal Preston Hospital, where he needed three injections in both the top and bottom of the cut before the stitches.

“The stitches took a good two hours,” he said. “He’s done a really good job but it was taking so long that the anaesthesia was starting to wear off.

“My girlfriend had joined me at the hospital but she couldn’t watch the stitches. It was quite horrible.”

Gary now faces an 18 month wait to find out if he will be permanently scarred. His team went on to draw 3-3.