FOOD HYGIENE RATINGS 2016: Three star rating in Blackpool

A total of 178 Blackpool eateries have received a three-star rating, here are the full listings:

Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 8:46 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:00 pm
Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating sticker.

Ho Hos Chinese Takeaway, Waterloo Road B

AB Pizza, Layton Road

Abbotsford Hotel, Woodfield Road

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Alfie’s Hotel, Withnell Road

Ali Babas, Central Drive

Amaro, Church Street

Amir’s, Dickson Road

Ash Lea, Lord Street

Ashley Victoria, Alexandra Road

Asia Bagus, Mowbray Drive

Avoca Guest House, Reads Avenue

Barrons Hotel, Hornby Road

Barts Donuts and Ice Cream, Promenade

Beachcomer Hotel, Reads Avenue

Belvedere Hotel, Promenade

Big China, Vicarage Lane

Blackpool Football Club, Seasiders Way

Blencarn Hotel, Promenade

Bond Hotel, Bond Street

Bonny Street Burger Bar / Mr Soft, Bonny Street

Bridges Guest House, General Street

Brittania Fish & Chips (Traditional Fish & Chips 2), Promenade

Brooklyn Hotel, Wilton Parade

Brun Working Mens Club And Institute, Brun Grove

Buddy’s Takeaway, Dickson Road

Buy Low Bargains, Central Drive

Cafe 103, Coronation Street

Camelot Seaview Hotel, Promenade

Caseys, Albert Road

Castleton Hotel, Trafalgar Road

Church Street Convenience Store, Church Street

Chutney Blue, Marton Drive

City Shop, Central Drive

Clarence Hotel, Preston New Road

Cleveland Chippy, Coronation Street

Collingwood Hotel, Holmfield Road

Colonial Hotel, Promenade

Cosy Cafe York Street

Cosynook Guest House, St Chads Road

Country Corner, Dickson Road

Cressington Hotel, Barton Avenue

Curry Queen, Red Bank Road

Dales Diner, Coronation Street

Delamere, Hornby Road

Dering Lodge, St Chads Road

Dickson Pizza,Dickson Road

Dolphin Hotel,Central Drive

Douglas House Hotel, Yorkshire Street

Dunes Coffee Shop, Squires Gate Lane

Earlsway Hotel, Promenade

Queens Chambers 16 Queen Street

Ellesmere Hotel, Hornby Road

Fairview Hotel, Albert Road

Fern Villa, Chapel Street

Food Hub, Albert Road

FouRooms, Reads Avenue

Franklyn Private Hotel, Charnley Road

Full Moon Stores, Waterloo Road

Gemini, York Street

Georgian Hollies Hotel, Albert Road

Glencraig Hotel, Vance Road

Glyndale, Trafalgar Road

Golden A, Central Drive

Golden Nile, Hornby Road

Golden Palace, Bond Street

Gordene Hotel, Havelock Street

Gracelands Takeaway, Chapel Street

Grange House, Hull Road

Grange Park Post Office, Chepstow Road

Greenmount Hotel, Bairstow Street

Hesketh Hotel, Hesketh Avenue

Heywood House, Rawcliffe Street

Highlands Hotel, Queens Promenade

Holmsdale Hotel, Pleasant Street

Hotel Bianca, Palatine Road

Hotel California, Hornby Road

Hotel Claire Michelle, Central Drive

Hotel La-Rue, Springfield Road

Hunts Greengrocers, Whitegate Drive

International Food Store, Central Drive

Italian Star, Red Bank Road

Jean’s Takeaway, Deansgate

Jesmond Private Hotel, Banks Street

Jollies, Hornby Road

Kebab House, Foxhall Road

Kenbry, Osborne Road

Kendrick Hotel, Reads Avenue

King Edward VII, Central Drive

Kings Dragon, Central Drive

Kingsbury Hotel, New South Promenade

Langworthy Hotel, Lonsdale Road

Leos Takeaway, Promenade

Lilo Charcoal, Central Drive

Lollys Hotel, Regent Road

Lucky Star, Eastpines Drive

Lyndhurst Hotel, Station Road

Lyngarde Hotel, Hull Road

Maharaja, Dickson Road

Manhattan Hotel, Promenade

Mario’s Takeaway, Foxhall Road

Market Street Stores, Market Street

Marlow Lodge Hotel, Station Road

The Marsden Hotel, Withnell Road

Mayflower Restaurant, Promenade

McNaughtons, Foxhall Road

Merginn Hotel, Gynn Avenue

Merwood Rest Home, Queens Promenade

Mickey Finns, Central Drive

Moo Bar, Queen Street

Mumtaz Balti House, Clifton Street

Munch Box Cafe Bar, Central Drive

New Chelvedon, Chapel Street

New Evergreen Restaurant, Ansdell Road

New Kent, Knowle Avenue

New Milton, Bairstow Street

New Odyssey Hotel, Burlington Road West

New President Hotel, Promenade

News Stand, Albert Road

No1 Chinese Take Away, Devonshire Road

Old Coach House Hotel, Dean Street

Old Cottage Hotel Restaurant, Lytham Road

Palms Hotel, Empress Drive

Pantry, Cunliffe Road

Parisienne Hotel, Promenade

Park House Hotel, Promenade

Pars, Talbot Road

Pizza Luigi’s, Dickson Road

Poundbakery and Poundcafe, Church Street

Premier Taylor’s General Store, Park Road

Pump and Truncheon, Bonny Street

Queen Bees, Bond Street

Quick Quid Bakery, Lytham Road

Regency Hotel, Charnley Road

Restaurant 21, Church Street

Rialto, Waterloo Road

Riccardos Pizzeria, Squires Gate Lane

Romero, Bond Street

Roses Cafe, Dickson Road

Round Table Cafe, Lytham Road

Royal Carlton Hotel, Promenade

Royal Food & Wine, Lytham Road

Royal Oakwell Hotel, Barton Avenue

Rummmbles, St Annes Road

Salad Bowl, Ansdell Road

Salt & Vinegar, Promenade

Sandwich Stop, Central Drive

Sandylands, Banks Street

Sapna Curry House, St Annes Road

Seafresh, Bond Street

Seaside Cafe, Bond Street

SFC, Promenade

Sherwood Hotel, Reads Avenue

Shiray Hotel, Hornby Road

Silversands Hotel, Burlington Road West

Slots of Fun, Promenade

Somerville, Springfield Road

Soul Suite, Promenade

Spar, Central Drive

Spearman’s Butchers, Central Drive

Spice Lounge, Birley Street

St Chads Hotel, Promenade

St James Hotel, Promenade

Summerville Guest House, Albert Road

Sun Inn, Bolton Street

Sunnyside Hotel, Alexandra Road

Sunset Hotel, Palatine Road

Tangerine Tavern (St Annes W M Club), St Annes Road

The Chu Phoenix, Whitegate Drive

The Croft Hotel, Bairstow Street

The Shoreside Hotel & Bistro, Promenade

Torsway Fish and Chips, Torsway Avenue

Trades Hotel, Lord Street

Uncle Peter Websters, Promenade

Vesuvio, Highfield Road

Vidella Hotel & Cascades Restaurant, Dickson Road

Viking Hotel, Promenade

Waldorf Hotel, New South Promenade

Wallace Hotel, Promenade

Waterloo Hotel (The Clubhouse), Waterloo Road

The Waverley Hotel, Reads Avenue

Whitegate Cafe, Whitegate Drive

Windmill Hotel, Promenade

Wok Wow, Westcliffe Drive

Woodland Hotel, Palatine Road

Worcester House, Cocker Street

Yorkshire Street Grill, Promenade

You Ji, Aintree Road

Zain Pizza, Yorkshire Street

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