FOOD HYGIENE RATINGS 2016: One star ratings in Blackpool

A total of 55 Blackpool eateries have received a one-star rating, here are the full listings:

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 8:46 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:01 pm
Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating sticker.
Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating sticker.

AA Central Hotel, Reads Avenue

Ali’s Takeaway, Central Drive

Allandale Hotel, Promenade

Amira, Abingdon Street

Arncliffe Hotel, Adelaide Street

Ashlunn Hotel, Hornby Road

Best Turkish Kebab Grill, Lytham Road Blackpool

Beverley Hotel, St Chads Road

Boston Hotel, Queens Promenade

Boyce Hotel, Vance Road

Brayton Hotel, Finchley Road

Burger Stall, Golden Mile Gifts, The Boardwalk, Promenade

Chung Wah, Rear Of High Street And Cocker Street

Collingwood Seafront Hotel, Promenade

Corner View, Nelson Road

Deansgate Kitchen, Deansgate

Djs Food And Wine, Whitegate Drive

Edwardian Hotel, Promenade

Food 2 Go, Promenade

Frankies Cafe, Blackpool Road

Frenchmans Cove, South King Street

G & K Mitchell Butchers, Lytham Road

Gino’s Tornadoes, Promenade

Golden Bird, Layton Road

Golden Chef, Newton Drive

Grand Beach,New South Promenade

Harry’s Chicken and Pizza, Lytham Road

Hotel Roker, New South Promenade

Ice Cream Stall, The Boardwalk, Promenade

Jaflong, Cherry Tree Road North

JJ & L’s Cafe, Lytham Road

Kensington Hotel, Promenade

King Kong Burgers, Promenade

L.A’s Cafe, Bolton Street

Lowery Cafe, Coronation Street

Lytham House Kitchen, Lytham Road

Melville Hotel, Adelaide Street

Moores Hotel, Banks Street

New Harmany Restaurant, Red Bank Road

New Oceans Hotel, Promenade

No 4 Pub, Number Four And Freemasons Hotel ,Layton Road

Paramount Chinese, Highfield Road

Premier Convenience Store, Vicarage Lane

Prime Cut Meats, Queensway Meats Ltd, Bond Street

Queensgate Hotel, Promenade

Residence Hotel, Hornby Road

Rosehaven Rest Home, Whitegate Drive

Roselea Hotel, St Chads Road

Royal Oak Hotel, Lytham Road

Sandford Hotel, Promenade

Sandhurst Hotel & Lahore Restaurant, Station Road

Shisha On The Beach, Promenade

South Sea, Lytham Road

The Frying Squad, Market Street

World Hotel, Lansdowne Place

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