FOOD HYGIENE RATINGS 2016: Four star ratings in Blackpool

A total of 533 Blackpool eateries have received a four-star rating, here are the full listings:

Tuesday, 13th September 2016, 8:46 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:01 pm
Food Standards Agency, Food Hygiene Rating sticker.

243 Sandwich Bar, Fleetwood Road

A J News Food and Booze, Highfield Road

Abbey Road Chinese Take-Away, Abbey Road

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Aberford Hotel, Yorkshire Street

Abingdon Barbeque, Abingdon Street

Acorn Nursing Home, Newton Drive

Adelaide House Prvt Hotel, Adelaide Street

African Caribbean Supermarket, King Street

Aindale Hotel, Palatine Road

Airedale, Lonsdale Road

Akash, Topping Street

Al Amir, Talbot Road

Al Baraka, Central Drive

Al Capones, Highfield Road

Albany Hotel, Albert Road

Albert Hotel, Albert Road

Alderley Hotel, New South Promenade

Almeria, Hornby Road

Alumhurst Hotel, Charnley Road

Alviston Hotel, Charnley Road

Amazing Graze Community Cafe, Baptist Tabernacle, Springfield Road

Amber Banks Rest Home, Clifton Drive

Andrews House,Burlington Road

Angelee Hotel, Coop Street

Annacliffe Rest Home,Newton Drive

Aquarius Fish & Chip Cafe, Lytham Road

Arcadian Hotel, Promenade

Ardwick House, York Street

Argon House, York Street

Argyll Hotel, Hornby Road

Armenian Kebab House, Harrowside

Arthington Hotel,St Chads Road

Arties Hotel, St Chads Road

Ashgill Hotel, Vance Road

Astor Hotel, Lord Street

Athenry Guest House (form’ Arundel Hotel), Queens Promenade

The Atlantic Hotel, Osborne Road

Avon Hotel, Albert Road

Avonlea Hotel, Reads Avenue

Babylon, Waterloo Road

Bake-n-Butty, Buchanan Street

Baked Potato Stall, South Pier

Balmoral Hotel, Promenade

Bangla Grocery Store, Central Drive

Bargain Booze, Red Bank Road

Barista, Birley Street

Barton Hotel, Burlington Road West

Barton House Hotel, Barton Avenue

BCM Community Meals, Mowbray Drive

Kiosk, Coral Island, Promenade

Beachcomber Burger Stall, Promenade

Beachwood, Moore Street

Bedford Hotel, Promenade

Bedmond Hotel, Crystal Road

Beech Wines, Beech Avenue

Beechwood Hotel, Trafalgar Road

Bella Gusto, Fleetwood Road

Belmont Hotel, Promenade

Belvedere Hotel, Albert Road

Bennys, Vicarage Lane

Bentleys Fish and Chips, Bond Street

Beverley, Lonsdale Road

Black Bear Gallery and Cafe Bar, Church Street

Black Cauldron, Abingdon Street

Blackpool Golf Club (catering), Stanley Park Golf Club, North Park Drive

Blue Diamond, Highfield Road

Boars Head, Preston Old Road

Boltonia Hotel, Albert Road

Bona Vista Hotel, Queens Promenade

Boomerang, Adelaide Street

Booze Inn, Cherry Tree Road North

Boss Training and Nutrition, South King Street

The Braemar Hotel, Lonsdale Road

Braeside Hotel, Willshaw Road

Bramleigh Hotel, Gynn Avenue

Branston Lodge Guest House, Withnell Road

Briardene Hotel, Osborne Road

Bringewood Hotel, King Edward Avenue

Briny View, Woodfield Road

Brioni Hotel,Queens Promenade

Brooklands Hotel,King Edward Avenue

Brooklands Nursing & Care Home, St Evens House, Roundhay

Brooklyn Guest House, High Street

Broomcroft Hotel, Palatine Road

Buddy’s, Chorley Road

BurgerDome, Talbot Road

Burgers & Steaks catering, Dickies Lane, Westby

Burlington Booze & News, Lytham Road

Busters Bistro, Unit 3 Calder Court, Amy Johnson Way

Butterfly Hotel, Charnley Road

Cadeby Lodge Hotel, Hornby Road

Cafe Chicco on The Green - Solaris, Solarium Promenade

Cafe Continental, Topping Street

Cafe Dolce, Abingdon Street

Calypso Hotel, Albert Road

Camelot Hotel, Hornby Road

Cameron’s Fish and chips, Highfield Road

Canton Chef, Ashfield Road

Cardoh Lodge, Hull Road

Carl’s Pie Co, South King Street

Carlis Hotel, Charnley Road

Casa Franco (South Bank Cafeteria), Promenade

Casablanca Hotel,Hornby Road

Caz’s Cafe, Bond Street

Central Bargains, Central Drive

Central Hotel, Albert Road

Central Ices, Central Pier

Central Pier Chippy, Central Pier

Chaps Hotel, Cocker Street

Cherry Blossom Hotel, Warley Road

Cherry Tree Sandwich Bar, Cherry Tree Road North

Chesterfield House Hotel, Coronation Street

Chesterfield Lodge Pro Care, Chesterfield Road

Chesterton House, Vance Road

Chicco Cafe, Promenade

Chick-fill-a, Talbot Road

Chimes on the Sea, Promenade

Chinese Food, Promenade

Christines, Lord Street

Clevedon Hotel, Charnley Road

Clifton Quality Meats, Cheltenham Road

Club Sandwich, Dickson Road

Coco Beach Hotel, Lonsdale Road

Come Ye In, Hornby Road

Cookies, Church Street

Cooltrader, Topping Street

Corfu Kebab, Whitegate Drive

Corton Beach Filling Station, Central Drive

Costcutter, Devonshire Road

Cottage Bakery, Hawes Side Lane

Counting House, Talbot Square

Courtneys, Warbreck Hill Road

Cranstone Hotel, Alexandra Road

Crompton Hotel, Cocker Street

Crompton Hotel, Woodfield Road

Crumbly Cheese Stall, Abingdon Street Market

Crystals on the Prom (prev. Hotel Rossi), Promenade

Cumbrian Hotel, Hornby Road

D & E Kendall, Highfield Road

Dahl House, King George Avenue

Daniel and Damian Fundraising Shop, Central Drive

Deck Icecream, North Pier

Dee’s Bites, Church Street

Delamere Hotel, Barton Avenue

Delamere Hotel, Charnley Road

Delton Hotel, Clifton Drive

Denely Hotel, King Edward Avenue

Deneside, Kent Road

Denholme, St Chads Road

Denville Hotel, Woodfield Road

Derwent Hotel,Palatine Road

Devon Guest House, Woodfield Road

Dinners Ready, Whitegate Drive

Dino’s, Ansdell Road

DJ’s Diner, Church Street

Dolce Italia, Church Street

Dolphin Guest House, Woodfield Road

Doric Hotel, Coop Street

Dragon Palace (Bispham Chinese Takeaway), Fleetwood Road

Draytonian Guest House, Palatine Road

Dunera, Reads Avenue

Dutchman, Promenade

Duxbury House, Sherbourne Road

Eastern Spice, Bispham Road

Eastpines P O & News, Eastpines Drive

Eden House, Palatine Road

Edenfield Guest House, Cocker Street

Edward Hotel, Dickson Road

Elbon Hotel, St Chads Road

Ellan Vannin, Gynn Avenue

Ellis’s B&B, Bairstow Street

Elmfield Hotel, Clifton Drive

Elmora Hotel. Albert Road

Esso Subway, Collingwood Avenue

EU.Ropa, Dickson Road

Fairview, Woodfield Road

Falcon Hotel, Alexandra Road

Favourite Fillings, Whitegate Drive

Feathers Hotel, Albert Road

Fern Royd, Holmfield Road

Fieldings Fish Bar, Simpson Street

Finesse Chippy, Dickson Road

Fishers Plaice, Westcliffe Drive

Fiveways Garage, Devonshire Road

Food Lounge, Market Street

Forties to Noughties Cafe, Dickson Road

Fortune Garden, Highfield Road

Four Seasons, Whitegate Drive

Foxhall Cafe and Chippy, Foxhall Square

Foxhall Village Hotel, York Street

Freddies Bar, Dickson Road

Frenchies, Lytham Road

Fresh Bite, Promenade

Fylde Coast Ice Arena, Bristol Avenue

Gainsborough Hotel, Promenade

Galleon Cafe, Chapel Street

Galley Cafe, Topping Street

Garfield, Springfield Road

General Trading, Central Drive

Gennars, Anchorsholme Lane East

Georgias Diner, North Pier

Gillespies, Topping Street

Glenburn Guest House, Shaw Road

Glendowie, Lonsdale Road

Gleneagles, Bairstow Street

Glenroy Hotel, Trafalgar Road

Gluttons Sandwich Bar, Caunce Street

Godfather, The Strand

Golden Bowl, Lytham Road

Golden City. Hawes Side Lane

Golden Sea, Harrowside

Golden Years Rest Home, Shaftesbury Avenue

GR8 Escape Hotel, Lonsdale Road

Gracelands Guest House, Kent Road

Gramsford Lodge, Promenade

Grannys Tea Rooms,Caunce Street

Grays Hotel, Reads Avenue

Grenadier, Springfield Road

Gresham Hotel, Adelaide Street

Griddle Girls, Talbot Road

Grosvenor Convenience Stores, Church Street

Habberley Hotel, Cocker Street

Hacketts York House, Queens Promenade

Hampton Road Social Club, Hampton Road

Happy Gathering. Norbreck Road

Harlands Hotel, Queens Promenade

Harlequins, Church Street

Harleys, Vance Road

Harry Ramsdens, Promenade

Havelock House Hotel, Havelock Street

Haven Hotel, Alexandra Road

Hawkes Hotel, Station Road

Hazel Grove Guest House, Coronation Street

Hazeldene, Gynn Avenue

Hazelwood Guest House, Palatine Road

Headlands, New South Promenade

Headline News, Lytham Road

Highbury Hotel, Shaw Road

Highbury Hotel, St Chads Road

Hogans, Deansgate

Holdbrook Hotel, York Street

Hollingdales, Tyldesley Road

Holm-Lea, Palatine Road

Holmlea Hotel, Alexandra Road

Hong Kong Chinese Takeaway, Dickson Road

Honley Hotel, Vance Road

Hop Inn, King Street

Hornby Villa Hotel, Hornby Road

Hot Stuff, Dickson Road

Hotel Fame, Promenade

Hotel Nevada, Lord Street

Hotel Royale, Lord Street

Hotel Segantii, Empress Drive

Hotel Vienna, Buddies, Banks Street

Hungarian Langos, Ye Olde Rock And Gift Shoppe, Central Drive

Ice Cream Kiosk, Promenade

Inglewood Hotel, Promenade

International Delicatessen (form Polish Shopa), Dickson Road

Italio, Highfield Road

J K’s Steak House, Birley Street

Jay’s Plaice, Dickson Road

Jesmond Dene Hotel, St Chads Road

Jesmond Hotel, Charnley Road

Kate’s, Woodland Grove

Kendal Hotel, Withnell Road

Kenilworth Hotel,Hornby Road

Kimberley, Gynn Avenue

King Chef 88, Hawes Side Lane

King Edward Hotel, King Edward Avenue

Kings Hotel, New South Promenade

Kingsway Hotel, Trafalgar Road

Kirkstall Hotel, Hull Road

Krazy Kingdom, Victoria Market, Waterloo Road

Lai Sing, Marton Drive

Lanayr Hotel, Reads Avenue

Langtry’s King Edward Avenue

Las Iguanas, Promenade

Las Vagas Amusement Arcade, Dale Street

Legends, Lord Street

Leofric, Woodfield Road

Leverdale Hotel, Queens Promenade

Lonicans, Langdale Place

Lucena Hotel, Barton Avenue

Lucky House, Coronation Street

Lucky Star Chinese Takeaway, Park Road

Lynbar Hotel,Vance Road

Lyndawn Hotel, St Chads Road

Lyndene Hotel, Cocker Street

Lyndene Hotel, Promenade

Lyndene Hotel, Coronation Street

Lynmoore Guest House, Moore Street

Lynton Hotel, Hornby Road

Lynwood Guest House, Trafalgar Road

MACE, Dickson Road

Mandalay, Woodfield Road

Manor Cafe, Promenade

Mardi Gras Hotel, Lord Street

Mardonia, Crystal Road

Market Cafe, Abingdon Street Market

Marks Quality Meats, Devonshire Road

Marmaris, Station Terrace

Martells Hotel, Alexandra Road

Marton Meats, Brinwell Road

Maryport Marras, York Street

Masons News, Lytham Road

May Dene Hotel, Dean Street

Mayfair Hotel, Jays Mayfair, Dickson Road

Mayfair Private Hotel, Vance Road

Meland Hotel, Palatine Road

MFA Bowl (1st Bowl), Market Street

Mi Casa Su Casa, Red Bank Road

Moray House Hotel,Withnell Road

Mr Basrai’s, Cookson Street

Mr Muttleys Family Diner, Station Road

Mr T’s Burger Bar, Promenade

Munch Time, Talbot Road

Munchys Cafe, Coronation Street

My Store, Common Edge Road

Myrtle Hotel, Albert Road

New Bond, Lord Street

New Brackens, Withnell Road

New Brooklyn Hotel, Promenade

New Dernia Hotel,Hornby Road

New Discovery Hotel, Wellington Road

New Esplanade Hotel, New South Promenade

New Hampshire Hotel, Reads Avenue

New Manchester & Big Top, Promenade

New Osborne, Osborne Road

New Promenade Hotel, Promenade

New Road Inn, Talbot Road

New Ryton Hotel, Woodfield Road

New Sandown, Hornby Road

New Sandringham Court Hotel, Reads Avenue

New Taj, 99 Bond Street

New Treasure City, Dickson Road

New Yorker Cafe, Promenade

Newbury Hotel, Dickson Road

Newholme Hotel, Hornby Road

Newsagent, Grasmere Road

Nicky Figgins Centre Stage Academy, Red Bank Road

Nightingales Nursing Home, Norbreck Road

Nila’s News & Booze, Dickson Road

Nisa Local, Waterloo Road

Nisa Local, Easington Crescent

Norbreck Bakery, Norbreck Road

North Perk Coffee Bar and Bistro, North Pier

North Shore Club, Cross Street

Novello Hotel, Hornby Road

Oakleigh, Withnell Road

Oakwell, Promenade

Off Licence, Lytham Road

Oriental Chinese Takeaway, Red Bank Road

Osprey Hotel, Charnley Road

Othello, Talbot Road

Our Wee Chippy, Whitegate Drive

P & G Bargain Store, Westcliffe Drive

Papa John’s Pizza, Whitegate Drive

Park’s Art Deco Cafe, Stanley Park, West Park Drive

Pearl City, Anchorsholme Lane East

Pennine Hotel, Ashes Place @ Blackpool, Central Drive

Pennsylvania House, Barclay Avenue

Peppermill, Birley Street

Piazza Italia, Cedar Square

Pickwick Cafe, Deansgate

Picnic Box, Norbreck Road

Pine Lodge Hotel, Havelock Street

Pizza 4 U, Talbot Road

Pizza Hut, Church Street

Pizza Kebab House (prev. Chicken Orleans), Rigby Road

Popeyes, Church Street

Poundland, Bank Hey Street

Poundstretcher, Cherry Tree Road

Premier, Station Terrace

Premier Store, Cookson Street

Prestige Catering, Blackpool Cricket Club, West Park Drive

Pricewise, Hawes Side Lane

Pumpkin Quick Snack Select Service Partners Tower Buffet, Blackpool North Station, Talbot Road

Q’s Snooker Club, Lytham Road

Queens Hotel, Promenade

Raikes Hall, Liverpool Road

Red Pepper Chinese Takeaway, Central Drive

Regent Hotel, Springfield Road

Rencliffe Hotel, Hornby Road

RFC Fish and Chips, Beachcomber, Promenade

Rhyl Hotel, Reads Avenue

Rimini Hotel, Wellington Road

Riviera Hotel, Hornby Road

Robert Burns, Wellington Road

Rock City Super Store, Promenade

Rock Hard Studios, Cocker Trading Estate

Rock Shop, Coral Island, Promenade

Rockcliffe Hotel, Promenade

Rocklea Hotel, Reads Avenue

Ron Reddy Butchers, Topping Street

Rose & Crown, Corporation Street

Rose Hotel & Spa, Promenade

Rosedene Hotel, Coronation Street

Rowan Hotel,Empress Drive

Royal Alexandra Hotel, Albert Road

Royal Seabank Hotel, Promenade

Royal Vincent, Hull Road

Royal Windsor Hotel, Promenade

Royale Hotel, Regent Road

Rushyford Game, Foxhall Road

Rutlands Hotel, Hornby Road

Rydell Guest House, Shaw Road

Salendine House, St Chads Road

San Marcos, Lytham Road

Sandwich Express, Red Bank Road

Sandwich Factory, Abingdon Street

Sarah & Ronnies Guest House, Shaw Road

Sayers, Layton Road

Scooby’s, Lytham Road

Seabreeze Cafe, Abingdon Street Market

Seaforth Hotel, Napier Avenue

Seagull Hotel, Crystal Road

Seaside Cafe, St Chads Road

Seaton Hotel Guest House, Hornby Road

Sefton Hotel, Northumberland Avenue

Selbourne Mini Market, Caunce Street

Shalimar Gardens, Talbot Road

Shananagens Guest House, Barton Avenue

Sharn Bek Hotel, Alexandra Road

Shaw’s Cafe Bar, Clifton Street

Sheraton Hotel, Queens Promenade

Shiraz Pizza, Devonshire Road

Shirley Dene Hotel, Osborne Road

Sinatra’s Hotel, Clifton Drive

Sizzling Wok, Dickson Road

Snack Attack, Talbot Road

Somerville Hotel, Station Road

South Lea Hotel, Willshaw Road

South Villas Hotel, Wellington Road

Southview, Albert Road

Spar, Bispham Road

Spuds to Go, North Pier

Squirrel Chippy, Collins Avenue

St Elmo Hotel, Station Road

St Ives Private Hotel, King George Avenue

St Kilda Hotel, Alexandra Road

Staff Canteen (Burtons Biscuits), Devonshire Road

Star Polish Food Store, Central Drive

Stars Pizza Milano, Bispham Road

Staymor, York Street

Stevonia, Central Drive

Strathmore Hotel, King George Avenue

Streetly, Springfield Road

Sunam Tandoori Restaurant, Red Bank Road

Sunny Ives, Woodfield Road

Sunnyside Hotel, Hornby Road

Sunshine Blackpool, Osborne Road

Sutcliffe Hotel, Albert Road

Sutton Park Hotel, Woodfield Road

Talbot Road News/Premier, Talbot Road

Tasty Diner,Central Drive

Taylors of Cleveleys Ltd, Anchorsholme Lane East

Tea Junction, Central Drive

Tea Pot, Lytham Road

Tesco Express, All Hallows Road

Tesco Express, Highfield Road

The Beach Grill, Ocean Boulevard, Promenade

The Blackpool, Albert Road

The Cabin, Cornford Road

The Crispy Cod, Gifts For All, Lytham Road

The Deck Cafe, South Pier

The Dragonfly, Lord Street

The Farnborough (prev. Boulton House), Bairstow Street

The Glen Guest House, Barton Avenue

The Lindene Hotel, Withnell Road

The Lodge, Coop Street

The New Griddle, Griddle Cafe, Church Street

The New Valron, Trafalgar Road

The Oakwood, Shaw Road

The Sandwich Place, Church Street

The Seacroft, Lord Street

The Strand, The Strand

The Tulip, Hornby Road

The Wainwright Club, Hornby Road

Threlfalls, Central Drive

Tina’s Teas & Curiosities, Bispham Market, Red Bank Road

Tiramisu, Abingdon Street

Toast Cafe Bar and Grill, Corporation Street

Toledo Hotel, Lonsdale Road

Tony’s Grill, Central Drive Blackpool

Top Wok Express, Devonshire Road

Topping Street Bakery, Topping Street

Torsway Wine Stores, Torsway Avenue

Tower Coffee Company, Bickerstaffe Square

Travelodge, Seasiders Way

Treccos Takeaway, Central Drive

Trellis Bistro, Abingdon Street Market

Tres Bon Hotel, Trafalgar Road

Truffles Restaurant, Topping Street

Tudor Rose Hotel, Coronation Street

Turkish Kebab House, Whitegate Drive

Tutti-frutti Ice Cream Co, Bond Street

UBU, Lincoln Road

Uncle Brians, Springfield Road

Valdene Hotel, Cocker Street

Vaping Coffee Lounge, Lytham Road

Via Veneto, Birley Street

Villa Hotel, Withnell Road

Viva, Church Street

Walford Hotel, Albert Road

Walkden House, Hornby Road

Waters Edge, Dean Street

Wavecrest Hotel, Alexandra Road

Waverley Cafe, 9 Promenade

Waywells, Grasmere Road

Wembley Hotel, Promenade

Westcliffe Hotel, Alexandra Road

Westgarth Newsagents, Bond Street

Willin House Hotel, Kent Road

Willow Grove Hotel, Hornby Road

Willow Tree House, Springfield Road

Wimbourne Hotel, Moore Street

Windsor Hotel, Dean Street

Windsor Park Hotel, Queens Promenade

Windsor Private Hotel, King Edward Avenue

Wine Stop, Whitegate Drive

Wingate Hotel, Dean Street

Wingfield Hotel, Wimbourne Place

Winslow Hotel, Hull Road

Winter Gardensm Church Street

Winterbourne Hotel, Clarendon Road

Withnell Hotel, Withnell Road

Woodheads Cafe, Simpson Street

Yanks, Church Street

Yummy Open Kitchen, Bispham Road

Zak’s Quality Food, Central Drive

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