Fly-tippers created ‘deathtrap for children’ says Preston councillor

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FLY-TIPPERS have turned a patch of land into a potential deathtrap for children, a city councillor has claimed.

Piles of building rubble, dumped over the past year on open space near a primary school in Ribbleton, Preston, are a real hazard to youngsters who regularly play there, alleged Coun Terry Cartwright.

Now council officers are investigating the tipping and urging the site’s owners to tidy it up.

“I’ve been on about this area of land for more than a year and nothing has been done,” said Coun Cartwright. “I regularly walk past there and more often than not there are kids on the site. It can’t be safe with all that rubble spread around. And, apart from the danger of an accident, who knows what hazardous materials could be in there?”

The land, part of the old James Hall “Spar” site, is at the rear of the Morrisons supermarket in Ribbleton, although the store chain insist it does not own it.

“Whoever it belongs to, our council should be making sure they clear it up,” said Coun Cartwright. “It’s a year since I first reported this and it seems we are just allowing people to leave Preston like a pigsty.

“This land is just a dumping ground for any old rubbish. From what I can see it’s mainly building rubble. And the fencing is so poor that kids can easily get in there.

“I’ve been back onto the Town Hall to see if we are doing anything with what is a real eyesore and I’ve been told the matter has now gone to our enforcement officer. So maybe after all this time something might be happening.”