First World War hero’s name is fixed on memorial

The Loos War Memorial
The Loos War Memorial
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The name of a First World War hero spelt incorrectly on a foreign memorial has now been corrected.

Capt Vere De Hoghton was killed at Loos in France in 1915.

Capt Vere de Hoghton

Capt Vere de Hoghton

He was related to the De Hoghton family from Hoghton Tower.

But his name on a war memorial at Loos was spelt wrongly – as Houghton instead of Hoghton – by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, which has now corrected the mistake.

Members of Hoghton Parish Council were informed of the update at their latest meeting this month.

Parish council clerk Tony Harkness explained that the mistake was brought to attention of the parish council by parish councillor Tom Sharratt, a former Lancashire county councillor.

Together with local war historian Steve Williams, Tom had made a visit to the First World War battlefields where they noticed the error.

Tony said: “He thought that should be altered so he asked the parish council if they would write to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and they noticed the spelling was wrong and would be prepared to alter it, which they subsequently did.”

Tom congratulated the parish council and suggested a letter of thanks to the commission.

It was also suggested that the Chorley Pals and the de Hoghton Estate should be notified.

Capt Vere De Hoghton was killed in October 1915 attacking a German fortified position on the coalfields that make up the Loos battlefield.

Meanwhile, work on the Hoghton war memorial, which also contains the name of Capt Vere De Hoghton, has been completed.