First time buyer plagued by mould in new Chorley home

Damp: Mould in Laurie Graham's home and, inset, a cap that has also grown mould
Damp: Mould in Laurie Graham's home and, inset, a cap that has also grown mould
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A first time buyer has dubbed her apartment the ‘home from hell’ after claiming it is riddled with mould.

Laurie Graham, 21, of Titan Court, Chorley, bought the two-bedroom apartment in June last year, part of the new estate in Eccleston Park built by Barratt Homes.

The developer has said the problems are because she has been drying her clothes on a maiden and not ventilating the home properly, but she says it has been an issue since she and her partner, Charlie Atkinson, first moved in.

She said: “It’s happened from the start. I’ve had dehumidifiers installed for five weeks to help get it sorted, but after that had been taken away the problem carried on.

She claims the couple’s clothes have been riddled with mould and they have moved their belongings to their parents’ houses to protect them from further damage.

Barratt Homes have now provided two more dehumidifiers, which will be in the property for six weeks.

The couple have also been advised to keep the heating on and vents in the house open.

Barratt Homes say the mould is a result of Miss Graham failing to ventilate the property properly.

But she disagrees and says other people in the area also have the same problem.

She added: “All I want is this to be over and fixed. I have to wipe the mould away with bleach and warm water, I don’t want this to be a permanent thing.

“At first they told me it was because I dried some of my washing with a maiden. I’ve stopped doing that and the problem still hasn’t gone away.

“I’ve had problems with my cabinets, shoes, walls, wardrobes, couch and clothing. It’s definitely not a ‘home sweet home’ – it’s depressing.

“I’m embarrassed to have people round.

“The first time you buy a house is supposed to be one of your happiest times, but this really isn’t. It’s a home from hell.”

A spokesperson from Barratt Homes said: “We have inspected the property and were satisfied this mould growth had been caused by the customer failing to ventilate the property, aggravated by the drying of wet laundry in the rooms affected.

“Ventilation is required by the NHBC guidelines to avoid the effects of moisture within all new properties.

“We cleared the mould from the rooms affected and, by agreement with the customer, she has stopped drying laundry, ventilated the rooms previously affected and used dehumidifiers we have provided.”