First GP practice in 30 years will alleviate traffic problems

New practice: A new surgery is being formed in Leyland by GP partners from Sandy Lane Practice
New practice: A new surgery is being formed in Leyland by GP partners from Sandy Lane Practice
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A new GP practice is set to open in Leyland for the first time in 30 years.

Leyland Surgery is being formed by two of the seven GP partners from the town’s 
existing Sandy Lane Practice, to improve access to health services for residents in the area.

A new doctor is also being appointed, and it is expected around 5,000 patients will be transferred from Sandy Lane to the new facility, which will open its doors in West 
Paddock this April.

Dr Kathryn Atkinson, who will be the principal GP at Leyland Surgery, said: “This is a significant boost to local 
primary care facilities in the area, especially considering there has not been a new GP practice in Leyland for 30 years.

“The additional practice will enhance access for the local community and as both surgeries will continue to offer the 
exact same services, patients can choose whether they 
remain at the same practice or transfer to the new one.”

It is hoped there could be scope for a higher patient list at the new practice in the 

“But the main reason for the move is to help alleviate traffic and access problems to the 
existing surgery on Sandy Lane. Residents in the area have been complaining for years because the street meets a dead-end where the surgery is located, meaning that patients have to drive up and down the road every time they visit the practice.

Dr Pauline Grace, Sandy Lane Surgery’s principal GP, said: “Demand for healthcare services here at Sandy Lane Practice is increasing year on year and as such, it is getting harder for patients to access these services.

“As a means to improve 
capacity and access, two of our seven partner GPs are leaving to form a new practice, 
Leyland Surgery, on West 

“By working as two separate practices from two sites in 
Leyland we hope to be able to offer a better service with more space, better access and 
facilities for our patients.”

Councillor for the Leyland Central ward, Derek Forrest, has been campaigning for change and suggested that the dead-end be opened up to 
allow access to Sandy Lane from St Andrew’s Way.