Firefighters tackle barn blaze

Firefighters use hose reel on burning barn.
Firefighters use hose reel on burning barn.
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Around twenty firefighters tackled a barn fire in Eccleston this morning.

The 40m x 10m storage barn at Bradley Hall Farm, Bradley Lane, contained a large quantity of straw.

One farm worker received slight burns.

He was treated at the scene by firefighters and did not have to go to hospital.

Farm manager John Hicks, 54, said: “Workmen were working there.

“The first thing we knew, somebody rang me and said we’ve got a fire.

“By the time I got up there and looked it was well alight.

“We called the fire brigade.”

He added; “I don’t know what happened.

“People were working there, but what actually happened, we haven’t found out yet.

“I would think with the straw and damage to the barn, the cost would run into thousands.”

His partner Tina Hicks, 52, said: “Luckily it didn’t spread to the barn to the animals.

“Because it’s an asbestos roof, it was exploding and landing on my head.”

The farm is owned by Ruttles.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service received the emergency call at 8.18am.

Chorley Fire Station commander Steve Snape, said from the scene two hours later:

“Four pumps attended, we have reduced that to three.

“It’s about a quarter of the barn, there’s a good few tons in there.

“What we are doing at the moment, we are letting it burn down to reduce the stockpile.

“We are trying to stop the roof from caving in by just wetting the beams and joist and when it’s down to a manageable level, the farmer with a machine will start moving in and we will drag it down.

“He’s going to them take it into a field at the far side.

“We’ve liaised with the Environment Agency and they are happy with what we are doing.

“They don’t need to attend unless things change.

“We’ll be here for hours.

“We are pretty confident of the cause. They were doing some work next to it.”

As regards the injured man, commander Snape said; “He burnt his finger tips. We did some first aid. We put a ‘burn bag’ on him.

“He didn’t need paramedics and didn’t need hospital treatment.”