Fire crews rescue two people from River Ribble in Penwortham

A rescue mission was launched to save two people from drowning in the River Ribble this morning (January 10).

Friday, 10th January 2020, 9:23 am
Updated Friday, 10th January 2020, 9:48 am

Fire crews were called out at 12.50am after reports that a woman had been spotted in the river near Holme Road, Penwortham.

Crews from Preston and Penwortham responded and the swift water rescue team were mobilised.

But on arrival, fire crews discovered that there were in fact two people in distress in the river.

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Lightning equipment had to be used to illuminate the pitch-black riverside and help fire crews locate the pair in the freezing water.

Two firefighters entered the water and used a rescue line to reach the frantic pair, who were pulled safely onto dry land.

The two casualties were handed over to waiting paramedics at the scene, but are not believed to have suffered serious injury.

An LFRS spokesman said: "Firefighters from Preston and Penwortham were called to reports that there was a casualty who needed assistance in the River Ribble in the early hours of the morning, near Holme Road, Penwortham.

Two people have been rescued from the River Ribble by Lancashire fire crews in the early hours of this morning (January 10). Pic: Ian Armistead

"When firefighters arrived they found there were actually two people in the water who required assistance.

"Two Swift water Rescue Technicians entered the water and used a line to bring the two people to safety.

"They were then handed over to the care of paramedics at the scene.

"Firefighters were in attendance approximately 40 minutes."

Ian Armistead, of LFRS, added: "In the early hours firefighters from Penwortham and Preston rescued two people from the River Ribble.

"Some really quick thinking actions were made in a dangerous and challenging environment for us all.

"Wishing the two casualties well."

Mark Woodward, Watch Manager at Penwortham Fire Station, also commended the bravery and quick thinking of his crew.

He said: "Proud of my team that their professional, skilled and immediate intervention saved lives in the early hours of this morning. Thank you also to Preston Fire and North West Ambulance Service for their assistance."