Fine for the Preston woman who dumped bags

Evidence: Photos were shown to the court of the piled up rubbish sacks
Evidence: Photos were shown to the court of the piled up rubbish sacks
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This is the unsightly mess that has left a Preston woman £280 out of pocket.

Nicola Jane Coles, 41, of Deepdale, Road, Preston, has been fined after she was repeatedly caught dumping bin bags on the pavement outside her home on Deepdale Road in Preston, instead of placing it in the bin.

In a trial in her absence, Jorge Carrera, prosecuting, said on August 27 a council worker attended the area around her home following a complaint received.

He said: “On his arrival he found four black refuse sacks. This area of the highway is maintained by Preston City Council and not covered by an environmental permit.

“He removed the bags for examination on the council’s premises and found envelopes addressed to the defendant.”

The following day a statutory notice, known as a section 46 notice, was hand delivered to Coles’ address.

The officer returned to the property on September 18. On this occasion he discovered six black refuse sacks on the pavement outside her home. When inspected, the contents of the sacks revealed correspondence addressed to her – which included the section 46 notice served by the council.

Another letter inviting the litterbug to arrange a convenient appointment for an interview was hand delivered to her address on September 23.

Whilst delivering the letter the officer noticed a further five black refuse sacks lying on the pavement next to the front door, with evidence linking the waste to her.

The court heard on October 7, the conduct was repeated, with six more black refuse sacks were found lying on the pavement next to her front door – this time containing the letter that had been delivered on the last occasion.

Photographs of the rubbish were handed to magistrates.

The bench ordered her to pay a £110 fine, £150 costs and a £20 surcharge.