Finding a Ludwig van Babyhoven

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THE next Ludwig van Beethoven could be from Lancashire with one musician set to start classical music classes for babies.

That’s the dream at least for Rebekah Okpoti, who has set up the class, Mini Monteverdi’s, and she believes learning music at an early age gives children a great start in life.

The classes, which run across North Lancashire, are for children aged four and under and along with friend Paris Jones, 
Rebekah hopes parents and their children will find the sessions fun and above all educational.

Rebekah, from Knowle Green, Preston, said: “Lots of other music teachers won’t take children on until they’re eight but having been taught from a young age, I know how beneficial it can be. There are so many benefits to being introduced to music at a young age because we absorb so much information in the earliest years of our lives. It’s a great bonding exercise for parents and their children as well as being fun and educational.”

The Mini Monteverdi classes are 45 minutes long and involve singing songs, playing instruments and reading stories - all to classical music written by Rebekah herself. “There’s lots of evidence to show that children who are exposed to classical music develop faster,” said Rebekah. “I want these classes to be educational and really 
beneficial for the children as well as fun.”

Rebekah is highly qualified for the job after studying classical piano and violin since the age of four. She has been teaching music since the age of seven and is part of the Bolton Symphony Orchestra.

The classes are planned to run in Longridge, Chorley, Preston and Broughton and for any more information contact Rebekah on 07516224815.