Fighting his way to fame

Karate star: Phillip Albert Timothy has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
Karate star: Phillip Albert Timothy has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.
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A karate instructor who has dedicated his life to the martial art has been inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Mr Philip Timothy, from Grange in Ribbleton, Preston was honoured at a presentation in Staffordshire earlier this month in recognition of his 40 year dedication.

Philip, 56, became interested in self-defence when he left school at 16 and accompanied a friend to a karate school.

Though the friend left, Philip never did and went on to move up through the ranks winning National and then World Championships.

The dad-of-four. who is now on his sixth Dan of black belt said: “Karate is a way of life, it keeps me fit and makes me feel good.

“I love teaching at the academy - everyone of them from the youngsters to the adults.

“It is great to be recognised for my teaching but I’m going to keep going, I’m not retiring yet.”

Through his teachings, Philip is keen to pass on his passion for the lifestyle that karate offers.

“Sometimes it is like babysitting,” he laughs, “you have to be everything to the students.

“By teaching them respect and telling them off when they need to be told off, they look up to you.

“A lot of youngsters need to be shown the old-fahsioned ways of etiquette; karate students learn to be humble and respectful which is something the world need - respect for elders and others.”

Humble is certainly a word that could be used to describe Philip.

“I don’t throw my weight around because that is not what self-defence is about.

“The best way of using self-defence is to stay out of trouble.

“When you know a martial art you can recognise the signs of hostile situations.

“When I walk into my local pub all the lads know me and they’re are very respectful.

“If you met me you wouldn’t realise that I know what I know, people are gobsmacked when I tell them what I have achieved - I just mix into the crown and get on with things.”

Philip is so well regarded in his field that he was even recognised in a club in Australia thanks to his win at the British Championships.

But now he is happy to continue his teachings and progress towards his eighth Dan and spend time with his three young grandchildren.

“I might be quite a bit older when I achieve my eighth but I’m not going to stop.

“I just love passing my passion on.

“I eat, sleep and breathe karate.

“It is never boring, there is always something to learn.”