Feature wedding: Lucy filled in the blanks for Chris and soon there were fireworks!

Lucy Walton and Chris Cottam. 'Photos by Ashton Photography - www.ashtonphotography.co.uk
Lucy Walton and Chris Cottam. 'Photos by Ashton Photography - www.ashtonphotography.co.uk
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A couple’s love of the Eurovision Song contest made its way into their special day as family and friends staged a surprise flash mob on the dance floor.

Dancer Lucy Walton, from Freckleton, was delighted when ‘shy’ Chris Cottam, from Blackburn, said he wanted to learn some moves for their first dance.

“He had to quickly try to blow out the candles and keep me away from the proposal set up!”

Bride Lucy Walton

And a last-minute idea from the bride’s mum resulted in guests getting in on the action.

“I sent out a very last minute Facebook message to family and friends to meet up for a rehearsal that very evening,” Lucy explains. 
“I wasn’t sure how many people to expect but I was overwhelmed that nearly 30 people turned up to support the idea.

“We chose a Eurovision Song contest song as Chris and I both have a love of Eurovision and we host a yearly party.

“We had so much fun doing the routine and it’s definitely something we will remember – although the hubby won’t let me live it down that the dancer of our relationship got it wrong!”

Buses from the 1930s incorporated Lucy’s family business into the day - Walton’s Coaches - although she was pleased to not be asked to drive on this occasion.

Fireworks, live music and old fashioned bus tickets with the wedding date printed on also made the day special.

The couple first met when Lucy moved into a new department at work at BAE Systems; she’s a project manager and Chris is an aeronautical engineer, and they were sat close to each other.

She remembers: “Chris often liked to complete the newspaper crossword at lunch with his colleague, and as they were working through the clues out loud an obvious answer arose and they were taking far too long to come up with the solution!

“So I turned around and told them the answer, and then we started talking.

“Chris took me on a date for my birthday almost six years ago and we haven’t looked back since.”

But Chris’s plans were almost scuppered when a friend dropped by unexpectedly the day he planned to propose.

“It was just a regular Saturday in January and I had been out in town with a friend browsing the last of the Christmas sales,” Lucy describes. “I returned home with our friend and he decided to pop in for a drink and to catch the last of the football, much to Chris’s disappointment, as he had set up a proposal upstairs.

“He had to quickly try to blow out the candles and keep me away from the set up!”

Once their friend left, Chris went upstairs and sent the couple’s dog, Bruno J, down to Lucy.

“When the dog came down I noticed his blue collar was gone and he stead he had a red collar,” she explains. “It was covered in red diamantés and said ‘Will you marry me?’ and attached was my beautiful engagement ring.

“So I ran upstairs to find candles lit, rose petals, flowers, heart shaped balloons, and of course Chris.”

She said ‘yes’ without a moment’s hesitation and the pair, who live in Fulwood, married at the Willows Church in Kirkham, followed by a reception at the Clifton Arms, Lytham, on June 20.

Shortly after they went to Italy to continue the celebrations with a wedding blessing with Chris’s Italian family.