Faulty fridge freezer sparks electrical blaze in a Lancaster house

Incident: Watch manager Warren Topp
Incident: Watch manager Warren Topp
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A faulty fridge freezer sparked a blaze at a house.

Firefighters were called to a home on Gloucester Avenue, Lancaster, at 4.43am on New Year’s Day Accidental Dwelling Fire Involving an integrated appliance that was only 18 months old.

Watch manager Warren Topp said: “The occupant of the house had luckily awoken and smelled smoke. He went to the kitchen to investigate and saw a haze of smoke, then noticed that the electrical circuit powering the sockets and lights in the kitchen extension had also tripped out.

“He investigated for about 15 minutes before calling the fire service.

“The fire service searched for a source of heat using thermal imagining equipment and removed the fridge freezer from its housing unit.

“Upon doing this we discovered the smell of smoke became stronger. When turning the power back on, flames and smoke began to appear at the rear of the unit.

“The power was then isolated and the fridge freezer was removed from the house.”

He added that although battery powered smoke alarms, which were ere fitted in the ground floor hallway and first floor landing did not activate, they would have sounded if the fire had taken hold, giving the residents vital time to escape.

For a free home fire safety check in your property log on to www.lancsfirerescue.org.uk or call for advice on 0800 1 69 11 25.