Fatal stabbing was sparked by motorcycle death

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Shezan Umarji was found riddled with stab wounds in a pool of blood close to his Fishwick home.

The seeds of the killing were sown hours earlier, on a July night the Callon estate will long remember, when Kevin Bruney was killed in a motorbike crash.

Word spread of the fatal accident and events accelerated when locals accused Lee Moore of disrespect when he was spotted riding a mini-motorbike around the estate around midnight.

Mohammed Beg and stab victim Shezan Umarji were involved in a series of minor disturbances throughout the evening of July 21, 2006.

For reasons that police say are still unclear, Umarji and Beg were involved in the assault of Clifford Wright following the disturbance caused by Lee Moore.

Mr Wright was thrown from his bike and then kicked and punched.

At around this time, Liam McKerney, who was convicted of the manslaughter of Shezan Umarji, and his brother Kieran McKerney were stood on the corner of Samuel Street and Fishwick Parade.

Lee Moore approached them and they had a conversation. Shezan Umarji and Mohammed Beg approached them from Samuel Street with a wooden bat and a bottle and assaulted Moore.

The McKerney brothers, Moore and a friend ran back to the McKerneys' house in Samuel Street while pursued by Umarji and Beg, who tried to get in the home by punching and pulling at the front door.

Moore admitted kicking Umarji but insisted he never stabbed him.

The violence intensified and John McKerney, the father of Liam and Kieran, was assaulted outside his home.

The McKerneys and Moore armed themselves with knives and a rolling pin and chased Umarji and Beg down Fishwick Parade where Umarji was stabbed to death.

Mohammed Beg ran to a house in Great Townley Street where a number of Asian youths came out on to the street armed with makeshift weapons, including pieces of wood.

A brawl erupted between the Asian males and a number of white men who had been involved in the attack on Umarji.

Among them were Mohammed Zakria Khan and Naeem Chhabu who were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder followed by Tariq Mian who was arrested on September 18, 2006.

Beg, Chhabu and Mian all pleaded guilty to charges of violent disorder.

Khan was found guilty of violent disorder at a trial on January 8 this year.

When officers searched the area they found weapons discarded on the streets, in a bin and under bushes.

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