Farm’s meat in TV dish

The good life: Chris and Sharon Peacock with their children Amy and Ben
The good life: Chris and Sharon Peacock with their children Amy and Ben
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A Lancashire farm provided the meat for the winning dish on a popular cooking show.

Cockerham Boers farm in Cockerham near Lancaster provided the goat meat for the winning main meal on BBC2’s Great British Menu.

The meal, a goat tangine, was cooked by Isle of Skye Chef Michael Smith - and was the first time that goat has ever been cooked on the flagship programme.

Cockerham Boers is run by Chris and Sharon Peacock. Sharon, who is the full time farmer, said the whole thing has been “quite exciting.”

Sharon said: “The chef Michael Smith rang me and asked if we would supply the goat meat and out initial reaction was not if you are going to make a curry with it.

“For 13 years we have been trying to say you can do other stuff with goat meat. We are trying to promote it for other things.

“He said he really respected that.”

She continued: “Our goat meat was in the main that Michael cooked, the main is the most prestigious one (course).

“And goat meat has never been on the show before.

“So for it to be its first outing and for it to win on that outing is quite an incredible accolade.”

Sharon and Chris watched the screening of the programme with “everyone they know” when it aired last week.

And they managed to catch a glimpse of their farm on the programme, but after three hours of filming there, only 20 seconds made it into the show.

The couple began farming goat meat in 2000 and now run one of the countries longest established and largest herds of dedicated meat goats.

Sharon said: “We have always strongly believed that high quality goat meat is massively versatile and with a sweet flavour and succulent, tender texture can be used for a huge range of dishes.

“Cockerham Boers dedicates to producing only the best quality goat meat.

“All our meat is taken from Boer goats (and their crosses) all of which are born and reared on site which means we can guarantee the high quality of the meat but also the high standards of care our animals receive.

“We use a local small abattoir at Bamber Bridge who we believe give the same level of respect to our animals as we do and a local cutting plant based in Galgate, who have been really helpful in assisting us to get the meat just perfect.”