Fancy that – Lala met Little Red Riding Hood and they fell in love

Colette Thomson was so nervous to go on her first date with Carl Bird, she asked another couple along too.

Sunday, 20th April 2014, 7:40 am
Carl Bird and Colette Thomson Photos: Lancashire and North West Wedding Photographers

The pair, went to the cinema to see horror flick, ‘Saw 3’ back in November 2007, after meeting at a fancy dress party.

Colette, an administrator for Places for People in Bamber Bridge, says, “We were a year apart all through school but never really spoke until a mutual friend’s party in October of the same year.

“He was dressed as Lala the Teletubbie and I was Little Red Riding Hood.”

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Carl Bird and Colette Thomson Photos: Lancashire and North West Wedding Photographers

The other couple on their date obviously didn’t spoil their evening and six years later on January 2, 2013, Carl, a joiner at J T Holdings in the couple’s hometown of Chorley, had a surprised in store.

Colette says: “I came home from work as normal at 5pm to find all of the internal doors were closed which was unusual.

“I opened the dining room door to find lit candles everywhere and Carl down on one knee with the ring box in his hand.”

Carl had prepared Colette her favourite meal of a salmon dinner which was on the table with a bottle of Champagne and a bouquet of 12 red roses.

“Carl said, ‘Colette Thomson, will you marry me?’ and I shouted ‘WHAT??’” laughs Colette.

“I didn’t say yes straight away because I thought it was a joke until I saw the beautiful ring that Carl had chosen himself.

“We don’t spend a lot of time apart so I wanted to know how he had kept it so quiet.

“He had been telling me for years he only wanted to get married when he was 50!”

But it was a few years before the big 5-0 that Colette and Carl married on March 15 at St Anne’s Church, Singleton followed by a reception at The Great Hall at Mains.

But on the way to the ceremony there was a problem.

“I needed the toilet so had to nip in somewhere to prevent an uncomfortable ceremony,” says Colette.

But the bride hadn’t realised that the place they were stopping was a rather large garden centre.

“I didn’t know it but Dobbie’s is quite a large store and when we arrived a lovely sales lady announced we were in the building over the PA – embarrassing but very funny!”

Disaster averted the newlyweds agree that their day was “the most amazing day ever.”

After the wedding breakfast, speeches and cutting of the cake, Mr and Mrs Bird danced to “Still Into You” by Gareth Bush before breaking out into “silly novelty dancing we are a lot more comfortable with.”

And they weren’t the only ones. At the peak of the evening a boys v girls dance off broke out on the dance floor with “fierce” competition.

“The whole day and night was totally incredible and completely unforgettable,” adds Colette and Carl.