Family's plea over Lady in the Lake murder victim

Heartbroken relatives of the Lady in the Lake murder victim have pleaded: "Tell us where her ashes are."

Carol Park's nieces Kay Washford and Claire Gardner still do not know what happened to their aunt's remains more than a decade after her funeral.

The sisters, who live in Buckshaw Village and Leyland respectively, are calling for killer Gordon Park's surviving family to reveal her final resting place so they can pay their respects.

Mum-of-two Mrs Washford said: "I just want to know where she is so I can say goodbye. It would make me feel like she knows someone's there and someone cares about her. She deserves that."

Carol Park's killer, husband Gordon Park, was found dead in Garth Prison, near Leyland, on Monday – his 66th birthday. It is believed he killed himself.

Park never told the rest of the family where the 30-year-old teacher's ashes were, but the sisters believe his children Jeremy and Rachael know where they are.

Kay said: "We're all the family she has left on her side of the family.

"We want to pay our respects but only his side of the family know where they are. If they have any feelings then they will have put them somewhere nice. She deserves some dignity."

And she said their father Ivor Price – Carol's older brother – died in 2007 aged 66 a "broken man" who never knew what happened to her.

Kay, from Buckshaw Village, added: "He died because of all the heartache he went through over the years.

"Dad had already been through it all before (his other sister Christine was murdered by boyfriend John Rapson in 1969.) To see the devastation they went through was awful.

"I just feel all this brought on an early death.

"I want to be able to put it all to rest for my mum and dad."

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Ivor and his wife Maureen, who lived in Barrow-in-Furness, were also unable to attend Carol's funeral, as Park only told the family about the ceremony an hour before it took place.

After Mrs Park, a teacher, was killed her body was dumped in Coniston Water in the Lake District.

Kay, now 47, was just 14 and Claire eight when their beloved aunt disappeared in July 1976.

She vividly recalls the high-profile police investigation and said her parents were incredibly upset but "dad hoped she might come back."

But those hopes were shattered in 1997 when her body was recovered by divers.

Park had bludgeoned her body with an axe before dumping it in the lake.

He even divorced his wife on the grounds of desertion while she was missing.

The father-of-two was charged with murder in 1997 but the case collapsed due to lack of evidence.

But Park, who had been held on remand at Preston Prison, had confessed his guilt to a fellow inmate - and this testimony saw him re-charged in January 2004.

He was convicted after a 19-week trial at Manchester Crown Court in January 2005.

Judge Mr Justice McCombe said the "terrible concealment" of his wife's body had led to "so much suffering to so many people for such a long time".

He ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years before being eligible for parole.

But the sisters were told on Monday he was dead - and Kay said she feels as if he has "got out of serving his sentence."

She added: "For the last five years we've put it away and you think things are quiet and he's doing his time.

"To hear what happened was such a shock. He has cheated Carol out of justice."

Mrs Park's surviving children, Jeremy and Rachael, and Park's third wife Jenny have protested for the last 13 years that he was innocent.

Park appealed against his conviction on two separate occasions, but both applications were thrown out by the Court of Appeal.

His family have vowed to continue their battle for justice for their father - and their mother.

The sisters believe they may know what happened to her ashes, but have not spoken to them for more than a decade.