Family’s pet cat killed in garden by pair of huskies

No chance: Bowzer the cat was just eight months old
No chance: Bowzer the cat was just eight months old
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A family’s Christmas was ruined after the savage killing of their beloved kitten.

They say Bowzer, the eight-month-old Maine Coon kitten, was killed by two huskies on December 21 in Southlands, Kirkham.

The cat’s owner, who asked not to be named, said: “I was out Christmas shopping, but my dad and a lot of neighbours saw everything.

“When he called me, I went to pieces.”

She added: “Apparently the dogs have bashed their way through a fence, cornered the cat, and it stood no chance.

“All Christmas we have been miserable, because he was a very chatty cat and very much part of the family. The children are very scared, and I feel sick to my stomach.”

The woman claimed the dogs had previously chased her other cat 30ft up a tree.

After Bowzer was killed, the huskies were rounded up by a neighbour and taken to Kirkham Police Station, where the woman’s father spent an hour asking for help.

She added: “The police ended up giving the dogs back to the owner and nothing has been done.

“All they seem to be bothered about at this time of year is catching speeding and drunk drivers, but in my view, these are dangerous dogs.

“I’m worried that now these dogs have a taste of blood, they could go for children. They could also quite easily cause a massive pile-up on Preston New Road too, because they’re always running around there.”

The family said a call to the borough’s dog warden has also proved fruitless.

A Lancashire police spokesman confirmed that a complaint was received at 11.50am on December 21 about a death of the cat and police had put the complainant in touch with the dog warden.