Family ‘lucky’ after log burner fire

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The occupants of a house managed to escape unharmed after smoke started pouring from a bedroom skirting board late at night.

Firefighters from Preston and Fulwood discovered a smouldering blaze in the flue of a log burner downstairs which one officer said “had the potential to be dangerous if it hadn’t been spotted.”

Crew manager Nick Birks, from Preston station, added: “It was just after midnight and the occupants were lucky that they noticed it when they did. It could have been more serious.

“They got out and called us out.”

Crews who attended the incident in Lightfoot Green Lane, Fulwood early today discovered a log burner downstairs had caused a smouldering fire in the chimney and smoke had found its way through brickwork and was coming from behind the bedroom skirting board.

They used a bucket of water to extinguish the source of the blaze in the log burner, cut away flooring in the bedroom and then used a thermal imaging camera to check for any remaining burning.