Families saying no to organ donation against wishes

Nine Year old Jack Johnstone recovers at home after his double lung transplant
Nine Year old Jack Johnstone recovers at home after his double lung transplant
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The mum of a Lancashire boy who underwent a double lung transplant today urged bereaved families not to turn down the chance to save a life.

It came as it emerged some families are saying no to organ donation taking place despite the deceased having signed up to the NHS Organ Donor latest figures reveal.

More than 500 families in the UK have said no to organ donation since April 1, 2010 despite knowing or being informed their relative was on the NHS Organ Donor Register and wanted to donate.

The refusals have resulted in an estimated 1,200 people missing out on a potentially life-saving transplant, says NHS Blood and Transplant.

It says family refusals mean people either wait longer for a transplant or die

The Evening Post is currently running its ‘Lancashire: Giving the gift of life’ campaign to spur on at least an extra 2,016 people to join the register.

Tina Johnstone, whose nine-year-old son Jack had a double lung transplant after his lungs deteriorated because of cystic fibrosis, said: “I think people need to think more about what someone wanted originally regardless of what they might feel at their relative’s untimely death. I understand it must be so difficult for them but the most important thing is to honour their loved one’s wishes.

“Jack is doing really well and as a parent, I can see first-hand the amazing difference organ donation makes to people’s lives.”

Giving the gift of life is a campaign aiming to inspire at least another 2,016 people to pledge to donate their organs during 2016.

To register as an organ donor, visit: http://bit.ly/givethegiftoflife

But more importantly, tell those closest to you that you would like to become an organ donor and then record your wishes on the donor register.

That way, when the time comes, your family and friends will know you want to be a donor to help others.

Alternatively, fill in and post back this donation form