Extra bins to tackle park poo problem

Confusion over who is responsible for tackling overflowing dog dirt bins has been resolved.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 31st October 2016, 8:49 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 5:04 pm
Overflowing dog poo bin on the Old Tramway from Miller/Avenham park towards Penwortham
Overflowing dog poo bin on the Old Tramway from Miller/Avenham park towards Penwortham

Walker Keith Sawyer said he was passed back and forth between South Ribble and Lancashire County Council (LCC) after coming across a bin that needed emptying along the old tramway from Miller and Avenham Parks towards Penwortham, as well as poo bags hanging from trees.

But now LCC had admitted it is responsible and five more bins have been installed to relieve pressure in the area.

Mr Sawyer said: “As this bin was south of the Ribble I naturally presumed that the emptying of this bin would fall under the remit of South Ribble Borough Council, so I sent an email to ask that it be emptied. The following day a lady rang me from the council and told me that she would action this request.

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“An hour later I received another phone call from the same council informing me that in was in fact the onus of LCC to empty this bin. I sent a mail to them and they told me in reply that it was not their duty but in fact it was South Ribble’s duty. Back to South Ribble and yes you guessed it - no sorry it is definitely LCC’s problem.

“When councils cannot decide just who’s duty it is to empty these bins then I am not surprised that dog poo bags are swinging from tree branches.”

A spokesman for LCC said: “We empty the five bins at Preston Junction once a week, usually towards the end of the week. They are often full or nearly full by this time, but they do get emptied once a week. South Ribble Borough Council has installed a further five bins in the area to help ensure the whole area is well provided for and the area stays in good condition for all to use.”