Excitement builds as Will Smith Livewire show approaches

Fans Natalie Round, Rebecca Hubbuck and Joanne Robertson ready for the nightFans Natalie Round, Rebecca Hubbuck and Joanne Robertson ready for the night
Fans Natalie Round, Rebecca Hubbuck and Joanne Robertson ready for the night
Fans are counting down the minutes until Will Smith takes to the stage for what promises to be a legendary night in resort history.

The Hollywood megastar is headlining the final night of Livewire Festival, playing to a packed 20,000-strong crowd at the Tower Festival Headland.

Music lovers have travelled from across the country, and even overseas, to come and see the star with his life-long friend and collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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Eescha and Hanisha Rasiah, 18 and 16, have come from Switzerland to see the show, travelling from a relative's home in London just for the night.

Eescha said: "I saw it was happening and my mum said, 'Yes, OK', there's no one else she'd have agreed to it for - it's a birthday treat for us both.

"Now I've seen it, I wish we had come yesterday, I couldn't believe the Tower, the Piers, the sunshine.

"It's amazing."

With Blackpool glorying in the late afternoon sunshine, South Shore resident Sue Croft, 45, was proud of her home town.

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"I'm mega excited," she said. "I never, ever thought Will Smith would come to a small resort like Blackpool. Normally you'd have to go to London to see someone like this."

Lisa Chapman, 41, came from Kent for the night.

"It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, he just doesn't do concerts any more," she said. "I've been a fan for a long time of both his music and films.

"I'm like a kid on Christmas eve."

Also excited is Marie Tainton, 42, from Grantham in Lincolnshire, queued for the arena since 1pm, who added: "I've liked him since the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and it's a dream come true - I'm a massive, massive fan, I didn't ever think I could get this close to him.

"We came Saturday afternoon to check out where everything was, and are staying again tonight.

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"I probably came to Blackpool as a kid, but it's great to see it on a sunny night like this - what a good place to come with the kids."

Lauren Salter, 23, and Megan Brand, 21, from North Lincolnshire, started queuing at 12.30pm to grab their top spot on the front row.

Lauren, who is also accompanied by friends Claire and Bethany Rushby and Rachel Cressey, said: "We are huge fans of Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff.

"We're so excited, we can't believe they're going to be here. We grew up with the Fresh Prince."

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Megan added: "We got here at 12.30pm - that is dedication! We really want to hear Wild Wild West."

Joanne Robertson, 30, from Wigan, is a self-confessed "Will Smith super fan".

Joanne, who has come along with friends Rebecca Hubbuck, 31, and Natalie Round, 30, said: "We are so lucky Will Smith is performing here in Blackpool.

"It's amazing; I can't believe he's only doing this one date.

"I'm a super fan, I started watching Fresh Prince when I was 13 and have loved him ever since then.

"I really hope they play Boom! Shake the Room."

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