Ex-brewery to be split

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Committee approves proposal to divide building into new workshops

The leader of Preston City Council took on his own authority over a plan to create new business units on an already cluttered street – and lost.

Tulketh ward Coun Peter Rankin opposed the sub-division of a former brewery in Brierley Street, Ashton, into six separate workshops claiming it would only exacerbate existing parking problems in the terraced neighbourhood.

But members of the planning committtee backed council officers, who had recommended the plan should be approved.

“If you try to walk up Brierley Street past where that building is you have cars parked everywhere,” he said after calling in the application for discussion and appearing before the committee to argue against it.

“There are small businesses working very hard doing a tremendous amount of business. Sub-dividing that building is bound to increase the traffic problems considerably.”

Edward Richards, on behalf of the existing firms in Brierley Street, added: “These businesses are an asset to the community and employ local people. They already have problems with parking and they are utterly baffled that the county council (highways authority) says more new businesses in this street will will not cause an increase in traffic.

“They are concerned their trade and their profitability will be affected by this. They are worried there would now be 11 businesses there, all unable to pay their way. It would be ironic in the least if this building, built as a brewery for Preston Labour clubs, became a building that put Preston people out of work.”