Estate shops could become new homes for Preston

The shops on Starrgate Drive
The shops on Starrgate Drive

A parade of shops on a Preston estate could be converted into housing after becoming a target of anti-social behaviour.

The council is considering the development in Larches as part of a re-shuffle of its investment property stock.

The off-licence is moving to this row on nearby Elswick Road

The off-licence is moving to this row on nearby Elswick Road

The town hall’s ruling cabinet last week approved plans to spend £30k to refurbish a shop on Elswick Road.

This will allow an off-licence that previously traded on Starrgate Drive to move across. The subsequently vacant parade at Starrgate Drive would then “become available for a future residential development.”

A council report reveals the shops on Starrgate Drive have become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

The report reads: “Over recent years demand for the shop lettings have reduced and two of the shops on Starrgate have closed and both properties have been subjected to vandalism and fire damage.”

The cabinet also approved a similar plan to spend £43k on properties at Mete House Farm in the Fishwick Bottoms area.

The costs are for maintenance to the farm house otherwise the town hall would not be “meeting its landlord responsibilities.”

“Without the expenditure...the shop and farm will, over time, become un-lettable," the report adds.

“These premises contribute £18,550 per annum and its loss would have an impact on the council’s investment income.”