Worry over planning appeal

Boundary: Land at the centre of a planning row
Boundary: Land at the centre of a planning row
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A Grimsargh man whose house backs onto land earmarked for 143 new homes, said he walked out of a planning meeting “in disgust”.

Tony Pickering, 77, paid £300,000 for Southworth House in Longridge Road three years ago, because of the green fields surrounding the property.

Despite Preston City Council refusing development plans for the land to the north of the Hills Estate, Hallam Land Management launched an planning inspectorate appeal.

Mr Pickering, a retired employee of the British Tyre and Rubber Company, attended both days of the hearing.

He said: “I’ve never slept since I went to the meeting and I walked out of the second day - I’d heard enough.

“The developer’s solicitors had an answer for every point the council’s solicitor made. It was a farce.

“I’m not confident at all. Hallam Land Management have paid for the best solicitors going, and money will win.

“I think they’ll get it on appeal, and I’m the worst affected.

“I’ll be surrounded and overlooked on every side, and they want to build a new road along my boundary.

“It’s such a shame because I spend more time outside than in .

“I’m also worried about the added traffic a development that size with bring.

“As it is I can be waiting 15 to 20 minutes on my drive trying to get out onto Longridge Road.

“They bring lorries the size of council estates down here and the roads are in a hell of a state.”

Preston City Council have argued that the development would remove separating land between the village and Preston, and would damage the character of the area.

Hallam Land Management said that a boundary would be maintained and that the 143 houses were “much needed” because of a “substantial shortfall” in housing need in the area

A decision, by planning inspector Isobel McCretton, will be made in coming weeks.