Worry over dog dirt at Lancashire beauty spot

Dog dirt bag at Brock Bottoms
Dog dirt bag at Brock Bottoms
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Dog dirt bags “hung up like Christmas decorations” are spoiling a Lancashire beauty spot, according to worried walkers.

Christine Cross and her husband said they were shocked and angry to find six to eight bags of excrement when they visited Brock Bottoms in Claughton last weekend.

Mrs Cross said: “What was really shocking to us was that the bags were hung on trees in every shade and hue of plastic bag like Christmas decorations to the detriment of the area and the marring of the pleasure of other folk when walking through the woods.

“It was left at the side of the pathways in bags too. Why are people so lazy as not to take it home after the trouble of scooping it up?

“It might be that they collect it on the way back but that still spoils the view for those following in the dog walkers footsteps.”

Wyre Council admitted ‘significant concern’ about the problem had been highlighted in two recent residents surveys and has now launched an education campaign.

A council spokesman said: “In rural areas we place bins at the most convenient locations, usually access and exit points. If there isn’t a bin close by, it is still not acceptable to litter the environment with dog waste.

“Any bin will do is a message we are keen to get across - you can dispose of dog waste in any litter bin, we no longer have specific bins, and that includes taking it home.

“As part of our efforts to proactively tackle this issue we are holding an event to explain that any bin will do for the disposal of dog waste in Garstang at Cherestanc Square outside Booths on Thursday, May 14 between 11.30am and 2pm.

We also encourage people to report dog fouling issues and anyone they suspect of being irresponsible dog owners to help us target patrols and enforcement action.

“Report dog fouling or problems with litter bins at wyre.gov.uk/dogfouling.”