Strong-armed help plea to build mini- Stonehenge

Putting the first stones in place at Brockholes Nature Reserve's mini Stonehenge
Putting the first stones in place at Brockholes Nature Reserve's mini Stonehenge
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Plenty of brawn is needed to help the brainy folk building a mini Stonehenge at Brockholes nature reserve in Preston this weekend.

The Lancashire Wildlife Trust is searching for strong-armed volunteers to help move the second group of stones to what will eventually become a 13-stone circle.

They also need and to prepare the area for the stones being put into place.

The first stones were laid on the Summer Solstice and Saturday’s stones will be timed to coincide with Lughnasadh or Lammas weekend.

Wildlife Trust senior conservation officer John Lamb said: “The weekend and the stones will represent the most northern and southerly positions of the moon on its 18.6 year cycle through the night skies but also point to our nature reserve at Warton Crag, near Lancaster, and to the Bolton Office in Seven Acres Local Nature Reserve.”

He added: “We need help to dig the holes, collect packing stone material, to move the stones into their holes and to backfill the holes.

“It’s an opportunity for people to visit our lovely reserve and help to create an area which can be enjoyed by visitors for generations to come.”

The stones are all limestone and have travelled from Aggregate Industries’ Back Lane Quarry near Carnforth, and volunteers can help out for an hour or two, part of the day or all day.

The rest of the stones will be placed in the ground at the Autumn Equinox (September 21), the Hallowe’en weekend (November 1) and the circle will be completed at the Winter Solstice on Sunday December 21.

The stones will help tell the story of Brockholes area, which was created by glaciers during the last Ice Age.