Repair job needed for dunes which stopped flood damage

Planting Christmas tree to form sand dunes along Fylde coast
Planting Christmas tree to form sand dunes along Fylde coast
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Raging storms that battered the Fylde Coast failed to cause major damage to homes because of a natural line of defence.

Sand dune systems created by nature - with help from Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Fylde Borough Council - stopped the Irish Sea from showering coastal homes with water, sand and debris.

But the waves did gave the dunes a hammering, pushing sand back to uncover sea defence works from decades ago.

Now work has started to plant posts and old Christmas trees, which hold up shifting sands, helping them to form dunes and allow plants to grow, strengthening the structures.

Fylde’s Senior Coast and Countryside Officer Geoff Willetts said: “Christmas trees buried a year ago are now visible. However this is proof that these measures do work.”

Lynn Ashton of Lancashire Wildlife Trust said: “The Christmas trees have had a couple of feet of sand on them over summer as they were creating new dunes. That has been taken off but the established dunes behind them are not badly damaged.

“The vegetation is still showing its roots so it will grow quickly once spring arrives.”