Preston supermarket pledges to tackle rats

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A city supermarket has pledged to take action after concerned shoppers spotted rats in the car park.

A reader sent in a video of a rodent scuttling near to the recycling bins outside Morrisons at Preston docks.

Rat in the car park at Morrisons, Mariners Way

Rat in the car park at Morrisons, Mariners Way

Now the store has said pest control experts will remove the rats as quickly as possible, while council chiefs have urged people to make sure litter is put into bins.

The Lancashire Evening Post was sent a video from a disgruntled reader, who said he had seen a number of rats in the supermarket car park.

Reader Mr Cotterill said: “I saw lots of rats lurking around the recycling area at the Morrisons store in Preston, Mariners Way.

“It seems that something else needs to be done as the rat population appears to be on the increase.

“I saw at least five baby rats along with a few adult rats.”

Bosses at the supermarket have said they will take action as quickly as possible.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We have taken this matter very seriously and our pest control contractor will remove them as quickly as possible.”

Council chiefs said the area around the recycling bins was currently “as clean as can be”, but warned people to be vigilant and avoid dropping litter.

Cabinet member for community and environment, Coun Robert Boswell, said cuts to services meant there were now fewer pest officers than there had been.

He said: “There are easy things that people can do to reduce the likelihood of rats nesting on their property - don’t litter, put waste in bins and don’t feed the birds, especially at this time of year as there is an abundant amount of food naturally available to them.

“As the council has had cuts there are not as many pest officers as there once was, therefore we require the people of Preston to dispose of litter correctly.

“There will always be some level of rat activity where there are people.

“However we have not received a complaint about rats in the Preston dock area for almost a year.”

The council has recently put up signs warning people not to “feed the rats”, to try to tackle a rat problem at the Serpentine Lake in Moor Park.