Peter has a hoot with wildlife snaps

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Wildlife is thriving through the long lens of an Evening Post reader.

Peter Smith, from Penwortham, a keen wildlife photographer, managed to snap these beauties around the county. The retired teacher said: “It takes an awful lot of planning to get the photographs, I don’t just walk around with my camera and find them on the off-chance.

Willow tit taken by Peter Smith

Willow tit taken by Peter Smith

“The photograph of the owl, which was taken near a farm in Howick, took three or four weeks to plan.

“To capture the one of the water vole, it took a month of leaving food out for them at a particular place on a stream near Longton to get them to keep coming back regularly so I can snap them.”

Peter, who has been retired for 10 years, has turned his photography hobby of 50 years into a full time occupation. He sells his photographs to wildlife calendar and book firms, and runs regular workshops with friend, Roy Rimmer.

He said: “We go out, set up hides and all of our equipment and wait to see if anything appears.

“It’s amazing what wildlife there is in Lancashire, it’s wonderful.”

Photos were taken in various locations including a kingfisher photos taken in Longridge, blue tit and nuthatch taken in Penwortham, frog in Howick and the grass snake at Pennington Flash.

To take part in the workshops visit or telephone Roy on 07967103468

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