Nearly 450 homes lose power in Penwortham - this is when electricity will be restored

The power cut has affected 439 homes and businesses around Penwortham and Whitestake this afternoon
The power cut has affected 439 homes and businesses around Penwortham and Whitestake this afternoon
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Hundreds of homes in Penwortham are without power this afternoon.

Electricity North West said 439 homes are currently without power in the PR1 and PR4 postcode areas.

Affected areas include streets around Pope Lane, Penwortham Way and Golden Way in Penwortham, as well as homes in neighbouring Whitestake.

The affected postcodes also include Lancashire Police HQ in Hutton, but the force said it is not affected by the power cut.

The power cut was first reported at 1.15pm and was expected to be restored by 3.30pm.

But this has now been pushed back to 7pm, meaning homes could be without power for up to 6 hours.

The power company said it has staff on site and repairs are already underway.

A spokesperson for Electricity North West said: "We received reports of a power cut in Penwortham at 1.11pm, affecting 1,600 customers due to a fault with an electricity cable.

"We responded quickly and were able to restore power to 1,171 customers within the hour at 2pm.

"Our engineers are now working hard on site to restore power to the remaining 439 customers.

"If anybody needs any more information during a power cut, they can follow Electricity North West on Facebook or Twitter for updates, see our live power cut map at or call us free on 105."

These are the affected postcodes:

R1 0XB, PR4 4AJ, PR4 4AR, PR4 4BA, PR4 4BF, PR4 5SB, PR1 9DE, PR4 4AH, PR1 9DH, PR1 9DF, PR1 9DJ, PR1 9DN, PR1 9DQ, PR1 9DS, PR1 9DU, PR1 9EB, PR1 9DA, PR1 9DD, PR1 9DL, PR1 9DP, PR1 9BP, PR1 9BU, PR1 9LJ, PR1 9LL, PR1 9LN, PR1 9BX, PR1 9YS, PR1 9BW, PR1 9DB, PR1 9DR, PR1 9DT, PR1 9EH, PR1 9EJ, PR1 9EL, PR1 9EN, PR1 9ED, PR1 9EE, PR1 9AB, PR1 9BA, PR1 9BB, PR1 9BY, PR1 9HQ, PR1 9HR, PR1 9HU, PR1 9JN, PR1 9JQ, PR1 9JT, PR4 4AZ, PR1 0BA, PR1 9AR, PR1 9AX, PR1 9DY, PR1 9ET, PR1 9EU, PR1 9EX, PR1 9EY, PR25 1TE, PR1 9DX, PR1 9EA, PR1 9EG, PR1 9EQ, PR1 9DG, PR1 9AY, PR1 9HA, PR1 9HB, PR1 9HD, PR1 9YP, PR1 9YT, PR1 9HS, PR1 9HT, PR1 9FH, PR1 9HH, PR1 9HE, PR1 9YQ, PR1 9FG, PR1 9FN, PR1 9FP, PR1 9FR, PR1 9FS, PR1 9FT, PR1 9FU, PR1 9FF