Lancashire tops the scrap charts

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Motorists in Lancashire salvage the top prices for scrapping their clapped out old cars says a new survey.

Owners looking to sell their vehicles for scrap earn more money if they live in the North West than in any other part of the country, according to vehicle removal specialist Remove My Car.

The average price quoted in the North West is £160.49, the highest in England and Wales. Only Glasgow in Scotland offers better value at £165.43.

The lowest prices come in parts of Scotland (£73.40), East Anglia (£74.37) and Wales (£75.21).

Remove My Car worked out the average price of vehicles using its scrap network in each region of the UK last year. the prices took into consideration any fluctuations that occurred within the scrap metal industry during this time.

Steve Queen, owner of Remove My Car, said: “If you live in a city that has a lot of scrap dealers, you will receive a better price for your car. The scrap car industry is very competitive and, in towns where there are many dealers and car parts specialists, you can earn a bit more money.”

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