Lancashire MP calls for 'clarity' on closure of waste recycling centre

A Lancashire MP has called on the county council to explain why it has not reopened a recycling centre in his constituency.

Tuesday, 19th May 2020, 12:30 pm

The household waste recycling centre in Longridge, near Preston, is one of just four out of 16 sites in the county which has yet to reopen following the Government’s easing of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Now Nigel Evans MP, whose Ribble Valley constituency includes Longridge, has called on Lancashire County Council (LCC) to do everything possible to reopen the centre.

While other sites have seen restrictions put in place to ensure social distancing can be maintained, LCC stated that Longridge, Carnforth, Garstang and Haslingden centres will remain closed. On its website, LCC states: “These four sites are among our quietest in terms of visitor numbers, have easily accessible alternative facilities or present us with specific challenges in terms of operating safely while maintaining social distancing. We intend to use what we learn from operating our other sites to consider how these sites can also be reopened safely.”

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Longridge Waste Recycling Centre

However, Mr Evans says he is concerned that Longridge and the surrounding rural areas that utilise the site are being disadvantaged. He has asked for further clarification around the reasons behind Longridge’s continued closure, and for the council to provide more information around the prospects of the site reopening soon.

Mr Evans said: “I fully recognise the challenges which LCC face in trying to deal with Covid-19 while maintaining as many services as possible. However, I have asked for further clarity from LCC about the timescales for reopening Longridge’s recycling centre.

“The site serves Longridge, but also many of the more isolated rural communities in the area, and it is vital to ensure that these communities do not face a long-term lack of services, while sites in more built up areas reopen.

“Of the twelve reopened sites, nine are open seven days a week, and the other three are open five days a week. While the sites that remain closed may be used less that others on average, they still provide a vital amenity. I have written to the Leader of Lancashire County Council to ask whether a limited service could be put in place in Longridge as soon as possible, with a view to restoring the previous five-day service when feasible.”