Here is how to keep a greener home, with Stringers Department Store, in Lytham

Keeping a green home
Keeping a green home
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Tracey Daley, of Stringers Department Store, Lytham, offers tips on how to keep a greener home.

There are plenty of small, simple things you can do to conserve energy and run a greener home.

Tracey Daley

Tracey Daley

Switch to LED Lightbulbs: LED lightbulbs are not only more energy efficient but will last longer – meaning you won’t have to replace them as often. Switch off light bulbs when you’re not in the room is a small but incredibly effective sustainable route to adopt. Don’t leave your TV on standby – turn it off completely.

Change how you wash your clothes: Wash your clothes at a lower temperature and a shorter cycle. Heating water uses a vast amount of energy and if your clothes aren’t especially dirty they’ll still come out clean. Swap your tumble dryer for a wash line and you’ll be saving even more on energy – and bills.

Use your microwave: Microwaves use 50 per cent less energy than an oven. Check out Homelife’s range of microwave-safe kitchen essentials.

Put a lid on your saucepans: The water will heat up more quickly and less energy will be lost.

Get rid of cling film: Cling film isn’t renewable. Use beeswax paper. Warm the paper in your hands and stick it over the tops of bowls, wrap up sandwiches and it will create a seal. Wipe with cool water and reuse. Find a selection of Bees Wraps at Homelife.

For more on eco-friendly products for the home visit Stringers Homelife, Lytham.