"Double the size of area what do you expect...more traffic." Readers have their say on plans to spend £100,000 on a semi-rural Preston rat-run

Highways chiefs at County Hall have agreed to spend £100,000 on traffic calming measures to reduce danger on Hoyles Lane in Cottam, Preston.

Friday, 14th February 2020, 5:00 pm
Potholes on Hoyles Lane

The new restrictions will be installed along the full length of Hoyles Lane from Sidgreaves Lane to Tabley Lane, as well as a short section of Sandy Lane close to the Cottam Nursery School.

Lancashire County Council says the work is essential because drivers have been using Hoyles Lane as a through route to avoid similar traffic calming measures on nearby Cottam Way.

Here's a selection of your views on the proposal.

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Get out of the office and try driving across Preston. Most roads you will stand in traffic and at best hit a pothole every hundred yards. Fix the bottlenecks.

Steven Wareing

Just great. They find asphalt for speed humps but they can’t find it to fill in potholes!

Tim Akroyd

I’ve been using this road for years, there is more traffic and everyone is driving slower. I bet it’s the new homeowners that want slower speeds. Hoyles Lane is a long road to do 20mph down

Carl Hague

Double the size of area what do you expect...more traffic.

Steven Weaver

Waste of taxpayers’ money, sort out the roads that flood every time it rains hard in the area. The area is a disaster for residents. Sort the infa-structure out, never mind taking all the council tax, build the roads quicker.

Brendan Fisher

This area is one place I hate driving for traffic and it’s never going to get better as more and homes are still to be built and retail parks .It needs new main link roads as these roads were built when it was just county side. Also speed bumps make cars use more fuel so not good for the atmosphere .

Aldini Thedeejay

Do not put speed bumps down here .... build the link road!!!!

Samuel Richardson

That’s great. So to get to the motorway I’ll have to go over 19 speed bumps every day.. oh, and then back again

Sharon Garner

The whole of Cottam is a rat run! Could spend £100k on bike lanes or toward a tram to town.

Harry Hamish Gray

For anyone who suffers with back pain Cottam Way is not a nice prospect. Hoyles Lane is the alternative route and now that will be as bad. Does no one consider air pollution in these decisions? Driving in second gear cost me more fuel consumption and chucks out more exhaust gases than being in fourth.

Tom Howe

Don’t worry about it. £100k will only build five speed ramps max by council.

Marcus Tai

When the link road is built Hoyles Lane will become less attractive. Why waste money on it? The speed bumps will just be left for the residents.

Philip Harper