Dog dirt bin at Chorley beauty spot is making us a laughing stock

A RUBBISH LOCATION: Withnell Fold stocks
A RUBBISH LOCATION: Withnell Fold stocks
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Laughing stock...

That is the jibe that has been thrown at Chorley Council after the authority was accused of destroying a beauty attraction.

Villagers in picturesque Withnell Fold were outraged to discover that a council litter bin – which accepts dog muck – had been placed directly next to their 
beloved old stocks.

Resident Roger Waring said: “We have some pretty villages in the Chorley area, where visitors can enjoy the scene and maybe take a photograph.

“One such place is at Withnell Fold stocks.

“Visitors and residents have enjoyed the view and taken many photographs of this very photogenic spot.

“That is, until June 13, when Chorley Borough Council placed a large, black rubbish bin right in front of this beautiful scene.”

He added: “It is an 
absolutely incredibly, insensitive 
siting, made without any 
reference to the destruction of a local, attraction.

“It should be removed 

Local historian Boyd 
Harris said Withnell Fold was “a special place” and the location of the bin was inappropriate.

He said: “It’s one of those picturesque villages.

“We know the black bins are necessary, but we do need them siting sensibly.”

The stocks in Withnell Fold are now sited in their third 
position since 1848.

Originally they were located on the main Chorley to Blackburn road, adjacent to the road to the village.

They were then moved to the farmyard of Stocks Cottages.

They were moved to their current location in 1958 for their safety.

Coun Adrian Lowe, who 
oversees Chorley Council’s waste bins, said: “We’ve replaced 1,200 bins across the borough and the vast majority we’ve not had a problem with.

“However, we will look again at where this bin is sited, and if it has been placed insensitively, we will move it to an alternative place in the vicinity.”