Cuadrilla: ‘We can resolve issues on fracking’

Exploration sites for fracking
Exploration sites for fracking
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Energy bosses said they were confident they can tackle the issues standing in the way of fracking in Lancashire.

Lancashire County Council planning officers have recommended Cuadrilla’s plans to frack at Roseacre and Little Plumpton be refused, on the grounds that noise from drilling operations and increased traffic would impact on residents.

However, a Cuadrilla spokesman said today the concerns raised posed “relatively minor impacts which affect only a small number of households” and could be resolved, through noise mitigation measures and new work on traffic routes.

The spokesman said: “In the end, the councillors on the Development Control Committee will have to weigh the relatively minor impacts which affect only a small number of households and for which we have proposed adequate proposals for mitigation against the wider local and national economic and energy security benefits.

“We will await the councillors’ decisions on both these applications and we believe that all of the limited issues that have been raised can be resolved.”

In their report, LCC planning officers said shale gas exploration was in principle “acceptable”, and the impacts on air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, landscape, water resources and seismic movements at the sites were low or could be controlled.

But they said proposed developments, which would have 24-hour drilling operations running for months at a time, would lead to “significant increase in night-time background noise levels”.

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