County’s flytipping problem costs millions

A typical example of the kind of flytipping blighting Lancashire's streets.
A typical example of the kind of flytipping blighting Lancashire's streets.
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The cost of cleaning up Lancashire has been revealed.

Preston Council spend £1.7m every year cleaning the city, with back streets a problem, particularly in the Fishwick area.

In the past year there were 1987 incidents of flytipping, up from 677 in2011/12. Of those in the past year, 1,184 were in back alleyways, 433 on highways and 213 on footbaths.

Coun John Swindells, said one of the reasons why people choose to dump waste is increasing landfill disposal charges, but he added the council’s ‘Back Street campaign’ has helped to promote the disposal of waste in the correct manner.

The council has issued 61 fixed penalties for littering since 2011, and there have been 47 referrals for legal action over three years, with 37 being successful.

Coun Swindells added: “I see the council’s prosecution rate as proportionate to the number of incidents, and we will try to educate first by using informal enforcement methods. If this fails to have the desired result we will take legal action. We have a very high prosecution success rate in Preston, which should be a deterrent to others considering this course of action.”

Chorley Council has issued 101 penalties for littering in the past year, compared to 33 in 2011/12 after launching a Don’t Mess With Chorley campaign to encourage more residents to report offences, and authorising PCSOs to work alongside the council neighbourhood officers.

In the first two weeks of launching the campaign, 18 fly tips were reported, costing the council over £1,500 to clean up and dispose of.

Coun Paul Walmsley said: “We work hard to keep our borough clean and tidy and we need everyone do their bit and throw their rubbish in a bin and dispose of their waste properly.”

South Ribble Council has issued 75 fixed penalty notices in the last three years, with the total cost of cleaning the waste £197,127.