Call for employers to provide sun protection

A Preston firm believes more should be done to raise awareness of the skin cancer risks faced by outdoor workers.

Construction workers are at risk from various sun-related ailments.

Outdoor workers should be made aware of the increased risk of skin cancer that comes from being out in the sun, according to a Preston business.

Leading hygiene product provider Key Engineering & Hygiene Supplies Ltd wants to raise awareness amongst employers of the dangers that outdoor workers face from frequent exposure to UV rays.

UVA and UVB radiation are proven to contribute to sunburn and skin cancer.

Construction workers, builders, gardeners, anyone who is going to be working outside in the sun is at higher risk, says the firm

Key Engineering & Hygiene Supplies Ltd has now joined forces with world leader in occupational skin care hygiene, Deb, to highlight the potential risks faced by outdoor workers and raise awareness of its industrial suncare range.

“Construction workers, builders, gardeners, anyone who is going to be working outside in the sun is at higher risk,” said Sophie Petrie, of Key Engineering and Hygiene Supplies Ltd.

This risk is further increased by the fact that UV rays bounce off reflective materials like concrete, metal or water, making environments such as construction sites even more affected.

“People working in welding are also at risk, where there is a dangerous form of UV and infrared light. A lot of people aren't aware of that,” said Sophie.

Even if working inside, employees in the welding industry should wear sun cream to protect themselves against UV radiation in a welding arc, which will burn unprotected skin just like the UV radiation in sunlight.

More than 80 per cent of all skin cancers are caused by overexposure to the sun and/or sunbeds, according to a study by skin cancer charity, Skcin. They hope to reduce this statistic through raising awareness and lowering the risk of preventable cancers.

Key Engineering & Hygiene Supplies Ltd are Deb Elite Suppliers and offer Deb products which include a range of protective creams, washroom cleansers, sanitisers and restore creams.

Deb’s range includes industrial suncare products, including an all-in-one kit to help protect workers and encourage sun protection to become part of their daily routine, even on overcast days.

The pack includes a one litre high factor sun cream cartridge (either SPF 30 or SPF 50), dispenser and mirror for ease of application. It comes with supporting educational literature which highlights some key sun care facts and dispels common misconceptions about UV rays, such as that they are not related to temperature.

“There's also a UV dial that shows when the risks of being burnt are high,” said Sophie. Employers can place this near a window or door to let workers know that they should be applying sun protection.

A key aim of the product is to make sun cream readily available in industrial workplaces so that it can be applied from a dispenser mounted on the wall, in much the same way as hand sanitiser.

Key Engineering & Hygiene Supplies Ltd, which supplies hygiene products to schools and industry workers, is also supporting Skcin in a bid to raise awareness of skin cancer risks and care for the young population in nurseries, primary schools and higher education.

The company is currently supplying a similar product aimed at educating children of skin cancer risks free of charge as part of a trial at a school in Morecambe, Sophie said.

According to Skcin, we experience approximately one quarter of our total lifetime exposure to sun before we are 18 and studies have shown that suffering blistering sunburn in childhood can as much as double the risk of developing melanoma in later life, meaning it’s never too early to make children aware of sun protection.

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