Blackbird is tweeters top spot

Most spotted: Blackbird
Most spotted: Blackbird
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The blackbird was the most-spotted bird in the school playgrounds of Greater Manchester last year, according to a survey.

Kids saw an average of seven blackbirds in their school yards during annual Big Schools Birdwatch organised by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Black-headed gulls were the next-most spotted in the region, according to the poll, with an average of 4.39 per playground.

Next came starlings, with an average of 4.35 on every school grounds in Greater Manchester.

It means that black-headed gulls are more common in Greater Manchester’s schools than in the rest of the country, while woodpigeons are less likely to be spotted.

RSPB education officer Emma Reed said: “A growing wealth of evidence suggests that many children have little or no contact with the natural world. This is bad news for wildlife because it means that future generations are less likely to care about the threats facing the environment.

“The Big Schools’ Birdwatch introduces children to their local wildlife and encourages them to care about the natural world. The survey is easy and fun so it can be the first step towards a life-long love of wildlife.”