Bianca Jagger joins Fylde fracking fight

Bianca Jagger campaigning against fracking
Bianca Jagger campaigning against fracking
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Bianca Jagger, former actress and human rights campaigner, joined hundreds of mothers and children at a Mothers Against Fracking rally organised by Frack Free Fylde campaigner, Gayzer Frackman.

The event, on Sunday, was held at Old Palace Yard near the House of Lords in Westminster, as a demonstration of opposition from families to fracking in the UK.

Speaking at the event, Ms Jagger said: “I am deeply concerned about the impact fracking will have on our way of life.

“Our environment, our water sources, the air and the land are precious resources which we must conserve if we are to leave a habitable world to future generations.

“Prime Minister Cameron, I urge you to stop endorsing this hazardous technology. It will be a betrayal of our children, our grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Frack Free Fylde campaigner Gayzer Frackman was joined by fellow Lancashire campaigners, Tina Rothery and Julie Daniels from Residents Action on Fylde Fracking and their joint message was: “Our children’s futures do not come with a price tag.”

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