Emotional reunion for one family and their pet

Stephen King from Buckshaw Village was reunited with his old dog, Dotty, after she was rehomed
Stephen King from Buckshaw Village was reunited with his old dog, Dotty, after she was rehomed
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It was a case of man’s best friend reunited when a family forced to give up their beloved pet unexpectedly found a familiar face at a dogs’ charity.

Stephen King, from Buckshaw Village, had to give up his precious pooch, Dotty, when he moved into rented accomodation with his wife and two young sons.

Stephen, 32, said: “I was gutted when we had to give her away, because we were in rented accommodation while we were in the process of buying a house and the landlord wouldn’t let us keep her.

“But when we settled in the new house we decided to look about for a new dog.”

Dotty had been rehomed by Stephen with a family he thought would give her a ‘forever home’, but as he visited the Homeless Hounds charity at Coach House Kennels & Cattery on D’urton Lane, Broughton, he recognised his old four-legged friend,

He said: “We went to Homeless Hounds in the morning but had missed their opening times so went back in the afternoon and I’m glad we did.

“My wife saw a dog and said, ‘that looks like Dotty’ and when I saw her I had no doubt in my mind that it was her.

“I would recognise her 

And Dotty, a Samoyed Dalmation cross, seemed to recognise security officer Stephen, as she bound over to say hello.

He said: “It’s not the type of thing you expect really.

“To find your dog who you had to give up.

“The boys were in tears asking us to bring her home.”

Peter Horner, kennel manager, said: “Dotty came to Homeless Hounds on June 12 and, over the weekend, various people came to the kennels looking for dogs to adopt.

“I was showing a family the dogs we had in and they asked if I could get out Dotty. By this time another family had 
arrived, when I brought her out, and they asked if she was Dotty. After a home check, Dotty is now back with her original family.”

The kennels are looking to raise money to move to new premises, visit www.homelesshounds.org.uk/kennel-appeal.