Teenagers set to reap legacy of superstar

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Preston school pupils are set to benefit from a project set up in memory of pop star Amy Winehouse.

The city, along with Morecambe,is one of only 10 areas across the UK to share a grant of £4.3 million from the Big Lottery Fund.

Mitch Winehouse, the late superstar’s dad, is rolling pot programme of drug and alcohol education for secondary school pupils.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation will be joining forces with drug and alcohol charity Addaction to deliver a five-year Resilience Education programme in schools.

The project is based on two strands of work piloted by the charities: drug and alcohol education and support for young people affected by substance misuse at home.

The two strands are being brought together to create an ambitious project that will have a much wider reach and greater impact than the component parts on their own.

Volunteers will deliver life story share sessions and workshops on resilience, self esteem, peer pressure and risky behaviour.

The sessions will not only focus on avoiding substance misuse, but explore the many factors that can contribute towards a young person being susceptible to substance misuse, such as emotional issues, bullying, family circumstances or parents who misuse.

Organisers said the programme works by creating an environment in schools where pupils can talk freely and openly about their lives, and to people who are in recovery from their own problems with drugs and alcohol.

Dawn Austwick, from the Big Lottery Fund said : “It is great to see these two charities coming together to set up an ambitious partnership that could transform, or in some cases, even potentially save young people’s lives.”

The programme also works with parents and teachers, helping them to better understand drug and alcohol use, and to navigate their way through complex issues .