Teenager not been to school for six months

Bullying claim: William Gray and his father, also called William, at their home in Plungington, Preston
Bullying claim: William Gray and his father, also called William, at their home in Plungington, Preston
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The last time William Gray set foot inside a classroom marked the start of the summer holidays.

The 14 year old hasn’t been to school since July and his parents say they can’t find another school to take him.

William, of Plungington, Preston, should be preparing for his GCSEs but his parents said they were forced to remove him from Fulwood Academy because of persistent bullying by older pupils.

However, academy bosses said they were unaware of why he was removed from the Black Bull Lane school, but informed Lancashire County Council’s pupil access team.

Mum Maureen said: “We moved to Preston two years ago and my son and his older sister started at Fulwood Academy.

“The first three weeks were OK then the bullying started.”

Mrs Gray, who used to work at the school as a cleaner, said the bullying was so bad that by last summer William was “too scared” to go back to school.

She added that despite the teenager being removed from the academy’s register, attempts to find another school have failed.

And, she said he is now undergoing medical assessment after suffering a number of seizures his parents fear were caused by stress.

The mum-of-four said: “I have tried three schools in Fulwood, Ashton and Penwortham and they won’t take him.”

She added: “He is not being given a chance. He has not been excluded, yet he is being treated like he has.”

The family has been working with Lancashire County Council’s pupil access team to try to get him into school so he can start his GCSE studies and dad Will said: “ He needs to be in school. He is missing out on his education.”

William, however said he would rather have a home tutor.

He said: “I’m not bothered about being in school. I find things to do at home helping my mum and dad around the house.“I haven’t done any GCSE work so I’m falling behind but I think I will be bale to catch up. I would like to be tutored at home. I can get away from the bullies

Paul Bainbridge, Lancashire County Council’s pupil access manager, said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases.

“However, when pupils miss school over a period of time, we work closely with families to find the solution which will best meet the their child’s needs and enable them to settle at school and complete their education.”